All Your August Team Poems

August nods and team name-checks for Brigg Town, Burnley, Chelsea, Crook Town, Fulham, Heaton, Liverpool, Middlesborough, Norwich City, Parkgate, Stoke City and Watford,

30 Aug They Were Lucky…Yawn, Zzzzz.
kevin raymond (Chelsea)
24 Aug what fore(d)? Apollo Gees (Watford)
24 Aug Enough Already. (Again!) kevin raymond (Chelsea)
23 Aug p haiku Maureen Yeo (Chelsea)
23 Aug Boro’s Season Khadim Hussain (Chelsea)
18 Aug Bad Case of Chelsea Blues (Doctor, Doctor) Trent Morris (Chelsea)
15 Aug What’s up Doc ? John Oliver (Chelsea)
14 Aug Messi Signs for Burnley FC Sharon Jones (Burnley)
13 Aug Eva. Eva kevin raymond (Chelsea)
12 Aug To The Hedge and Back
Tim Harris (Brigg Town / Parkgate)
10 Aug Barry Joy-One of Our Own-NCFC S B Ingle (Norwich City)
10 Aug A Day In The Life kevin halls (Coventry City)
09 Aug Red lift off! Emdad Rahman
(Liverpool / Stoke City )
09 Aug Early Doors. kevin Raymond (Chelsea)
08 Aug This day, This day Geof Dawson
05 Aug Surgite si adhuc credetis….Stand up if you still believe
ron Dixon (Fulham)
04 Aug The ‘best league in the world’ is back
Gary Oliver (Crook Town / Heaton)
03 Aug New Signing Sharon Jones

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Source: http://footballpoets.org/news/2015/08/25/all-your-august-team-poems-2/