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WC2018 Day 18

Priority haiku

Wild Boar football team
Trapped in underground caves
Hang in there boys!


Brazil 2-0 Mexico

Samba stars shake hips
Neymar, Willian lead the dance
Brazil dominate


Neymar notches stat
Two hundred twenty seven
All time top scorers


Belgium 3-2 Japan

surprise two nil lead
Red Devils claw back from brink
Blue Samurai blues

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Brazil & Mexico Through haiku -WC Day 18

Brazil 2-0 Mexico

like some yellow tide
strolling to that samba beat
will this be their time?

always second best
Mexico do eve’rything
ev’rything but score

Neymar rolls and cries
but relentless as a train
Willian the key


Belgium 3-2 Japan

battling on supreme
Samurai lay down their swords
to that late late strike

from a tricky start
brave Japan dictate in vain
falling at the last

heads held high they leave
memories of might have beens
and clean stadiums*

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World Cup day 18

Brazil storm into Quarters
Brazil 2-0 Mexico

Brazil cruise to the Quarters
Samba boys are looking whole
The world’s most expensive baller
He scores and sets up a goal

One nil is not quite enough
They’re stubborn are Mexico
Neymar turns playmaker
Teeing up Bobby Firmino

El Tri are out of the cup
Played out of the ground
Seven times in a row
They’re out in the second round

02 07 18

© emdad rahman

Red Devils comeback breaks Japan hearts
Belgium 3-2 Japan

Nihon were in dreamland
What s finish from Haraguchi
More brilliance to follow
He’sutdone by Takashi Inui

Martinez looked to the heavens
Fellaini and Chadli roll the dice
Vertonghen’s looping header
Fellaini never does nice

There’s 32 seconds remaining
Red charge pegs the Samurai Blue
Chadli strikes the Japanese heart
Comeback complete 3-2

02 07 18

© emdad rahman

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World Cup day 14

Swedes and Mexico go through
Mexico 0-3 Sweden

El Tri are in shock
As the Swedes seal top
Germany are sent packing
A huge World Cup flop

Augustinsson is first
Granqvist puts Sweden in control
The Scandinavians make sure
With Alvarez’s own goal

Janne Andersson’s Sweden
Were in third place before play
Surely Mexico will announce
A Korea Republic Day

Auf Widersehen champs
South Korea 2-0 Germany

Team DFB make shockwaves
As South Korea leave it late
Their worst World Cup
Since 1938

Yes you heard that right
The champs are sent away
Whilst Mexico will surely dedicate
A South Korea day

Kim and VAR score on ninety
Then Son doubles the pain
Some of Jogi’s selections
Now look totally in Sane

Brazil march on
Serbia 0-2 Brazil

Paulinho and the boys will shine
On Brazil our family agree
No chance of a shock here
So we switch on and enjoy ITV

No ones forgotten the nineties
I wanted them to suffer a rout
With Neymar leading the charge
To be frank I’m glad they’re out

Set piece second from Thiago
Neymar’s goal record still lean
Brazil top Group E
To face Mexico in the last 16

Ticos fight back but Swiss are through
Switzerland 2-2 Costa Rica

Kendall Watson for Costa Rica
It’s their first of this World Cup
There awaits a game against Sweden
Team Nati are group runners up

Dzemaili returned the favour
Switzerland go 1-1
Ticos heads drop
Drmic looked to have it won

Bryan Ruiz with his last kick
Sort of scores the spot kick he took
Bit lucky with the rebound
Off Sommers the Gourmet cook

27 06 18

© emdad rahman

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Germany Out ! Sweden/Mexico Through haiku-WC Day 14

South Korea 2-0 Germany 0

couldn’t make it up
this World Cup defies the odds
Germany crash out

who would’ve thought it
holders blow it at the end
it’s wide open now

tough for South Korea
they produce the best result
but still head off home

Mexico 0-3 Sweden

such emotion shown
ev’ry player ev’ry fan
as Incas survive

you just have to say
not often you lose three nil
and reach last sixteen

as Swedes cruise on through
Los Incas are there with them
thanks to South Korea

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On Belgium Mexico & Germany haiku-WC Day 10

Belgium 5-2 Tunisia

five star masterclass
from Hazard and Lukaku
as Belgians ease on


South Korea 1-2 Mexico

In a sticky group
Mexico are sat the door
Hernandez the key


Germany 2-1 Sweden

so predictable !
with that late Kroos thunderbolt
Germany are back

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World Cup day 10

Lukaku and Hazard at the double
Belgium 5-2 Tunisia

Lukaku joins Ronaldo
In the race for the Golden Boot
Romelu does have an ace
It’s Hazard playing the flute

As the Belgians rout Tunisia
Both stars each wa brace
Dylan Bronn and Wahbi Khazri score
Tunisia sink with no trace

Eight goals in two games
Each Red Devil a star
Batshuayi makes it 5
The highest score game so far

23 06 18

© emdad rahman

South Korea 1-2 Mexico

Carlos Vela was in mourning
His Grandad had cheered El Tri
Thereafter he’d left this mortal plain
After the win against Germany

Javier Hernandez with a milestone
Reaching fifty not out
Beating Jo Hyeon-woo at the near post
To hand the Taegeuk a knockout

Son in turn hammers a worldie
Football can be so mean
This puts El Tri on the verge
Of the World Cup last 16

23 06 18

© emdad rahman

Kroos control as Germany fight back
Germany 2-1 Sweden

“Alles klar” proclaimed the Hoff
Toivonen caught them off guard
Until Reuss stepped it up
And Boateng got a red card

A last minute stunner it is then
Amidst the stadium din
Tony launches his Kroos missile
For a dramatic last gasp win

Thoughts for poor Jimmy Durmaz
Questioned for his right to live
For the foul that led to the win
You people need some perspective

23 06 18

© emdad rahman

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Olé Serbia Danes & Mexico haiku~WC Day 4

Costa Rica 0-1 Serbia

Costa Rican zest
stung by Kolorov’s sweet strike
Serbia come good


Germany 0-Mexico 1

sleepy Germany
cannot break El Tri’s brave wall
Olé Mexico


Coutinho aside
bold unfancied Danes dig deep
Neymar nullified

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World Cup day 4

Kolarov class the difference
Costa Rica 0-1 Serbia

Nemanja Matic is a hard man
He took on the Costa Rican bench
Over a tussle for ball retention
He received a pardon for his French

David Guzman headed over
Serbia on a tour of duty
They sure know how to cleanse
Kolarov with a left footed beauty

17 06 18

© emdad rahman


Champions face ‘Chucky’ nightmare
Germany 0-1 Mexico

The holders have been beaten
It’s the World Cup’s first shock
Mexico had more heart
That you cannot knock

Hirving Lozano the difference
That star from PSV
He had the Germans in tears
It’s normal stuff from Chucky

Last time the Germans lost a first
Was Espana 82
They got their act together
To reach that final too

17 06 18

© emdad rahman


Team Rossocrociati deny Seleção
Brazil 1-1 Switzerland

Argentina, Germany, Brazil
Have another claim to fame
For the very first time
They’ve failed to win their first game

Surely the floodgates would open
With the brilliant Coutinho
Switzerland are stern stuff
Refusing to lay down low

Much lauded for their sparkle
The five time champions pushed on
With the Swiss stifling the firepower
To draw in Rostov-on-Don

17 06 18

© emdad rahman

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WC2018 Day -1 haiku

history haiku

58 Sweden

Pelé boy wonder
Garrincha wing wizard
routing Swedish hosts

62 Chile

Vava, Garrincha
Earthquake stricken yet on time
Chile such cool hosts

66 England

hat-trick hero Hurst
Ramsey’s wingless wonders
home advantage

70 Mexico

Seleção success
team goal of the century
Pelé to the fore

74 Germany

Cryuff turn, Dutch courage
Brave Jack Taylor first min pen
Mueller claws it back

78 Argentina

Kempes, Ardiles
ticker tape entrances
Junta advantage

82 Spain

Rossi on rampage
Tardelli’s frenzied pash dash
Italy hat-trick

86 Mexico

Hand of God
Mexican wave unveiling
Maradona foremost

90 Italy

Gazza’s tears breaks hearts
Placido’s vocals in tune
Brehme pen success

94 USA

penalty shoot-out
Baggio blasts sky high – lands
in Hudson River

98 France

Ronaldo riddle
Starting or not? Lost the plot?
Zidane headed pair

2002 Japan & South Korea

Hosts so humble
Ronaldo redemption rules
Asiatic first

2006 Germany

Rooney red, Ron wink
Zidane floors Materazzi
bows out as loser

2010 South Africa

Sokker Africa
Vuvuzelas and sunshine
Iniesta smile

2014 Brazil

Germans score seven
vanishing foam used by refs
hosts wish they could

2018 Russia

open tournament
prediction: poised Germany
England: no-hopers

~ # ~

#WC2018 generic Haiku

bright sun radiates
shorts slip on so easily
World Cup fever starts!

wise words on the web
artist alights on the pitch
ball enters the net

sun, moon, stars, align
superstars create and shine
stage set for goalfest

keeper shouts “away!”
ten discordant reactions
frenemies within

wants to believe it is in
GLT says no

screaming, arms aloft
conviction guaranteed
VAR says no

no-one on the post
quick corner creates havoc
could’ve should’ve

strolls around the park
photogenic and spreads play
darling of the paps

enters the fray and scores
game changer

shirts, shorts and socks
couturiers run amok
colour by design

formation planning
blanket defence to smother
park the bus

hopes on young shoulders
unburdened by past failures
swivel, shoot, score

proud moments
representing your country
kit included

holding hands
sponsored match mascots
jail otherwise

prettiness required
catwalk stars must shine so bright
Mondial make-up

Lamps: over the line
Diego’s dirty digits
both: truisms

run up to World Cup
undefeated in friendlies
hope springs eternal

football at its best
Nation unto Nation joust
every four years

colour, passion, skill
endeavour, tacticians, rules
fifty shades of play

Form. Storm. Norm. Perform.
Goal: non-elimination
Setting high standards

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