Nobody Likes Me, I Do Care

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Red hair, blue eyes – that’s my trouble
Red hair is Carrots, Firehead and Ginge
But being blue-eyed causes bullies to whinge
Not ‘cos my eyes are blue
That’s not a crime (yet)
But because the teachers like me
I’m known as Teachers Pet
I’m no angel but I like to learn
I want a career so that I can earn
Big money for the blue-eyed boy
Send my kids to a private school
Where they expel bullies like trash
For doing you over and stealing your cash
Bullies pick on me ‘cos I’m different
Yeah, I am different
I don’t go round bullying people
My opinions don’t get respect
Because I’m quiet
Don’t mean I’m not allowed
Bullies guard the gate of acceptance
Don’t know how I’m going to get through

My uncle gave me a ticket to the game
Said it might cheer me up
Watching a load of crocked has-beens
With no chance of winning the cup
He made me laugh
I set off for the ground
Do me good to get some air
On the way I found ten pounds
I chased after the boy who’d dropped it
Is this yours I said
He looked at me all dressed in blue
He was head to toe in red
I realised who it was
The ringleader of the bullying gang
Thanks he said, putting the money away
No problem I said and then ran
Wait, he yelled
You going to the match?
In my hat, scarf, rosette and replica shirt, no, I thought
Suddenly brave upon this neutral patch
I’ll walk with you
And we started walking, side by side,
I made a joke, he laughed
I felt bigger, held myself with pride
Give me your number, I’ll call you
Buy you a burger after the game
You’ve got my ‘phone, I stuttered
Ready to be called all sorts of names
He went quiet, gave me back my ‘phone
I still go to games, but not on my own
Don’t matter that we support different teams
We have something in common
In our theatre of dreams



Because football does bring us together, It gets us talking and that’s a start.

Came to me after reading Butlers Bench on anti-bullying.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/nobody-likes-me-i-do-care/?shared=email&msg=fail