The Missing Waistcoat

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Where’s Southgate’s waistcoat
does anybody know,
has anyone seen it
where did it go ?
Where’s Southgate’s waistcoat
as he isn’t wearing one,
did he look in his wardrobe
and it mysteriously had gone ?
Where’s Southgate’s waistcoat
was it pinched overnight ?
as it became his lucky charm
without it he just can’t sleep at night.
Where’s Southgate’s waistcoat ?
as it did look smart and neat,
with matching shirt and tie
expensive leather shoes upon his feet.
Where’s Southgate’s waistcoat
has it been sold on Ebay ?
Gareth will pay for it’s return
as he’s heartbroken all of the day.
So where’s Southgate’s waistcoat ?
if found please hand it in,
because if he can’t wear it on the touchline
he says sadly England just cannot win !



Like a super hero without his cape the England manager will lose his powers if he can’t wear his lucky and magical waistcoat. So please if you are holding the waistcoat do the right thing and hand it back.
The manager and us England supporters need all the luck we can get !

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/the-missing-waistcoat/?shared=email&msg=fail