Your Team In February 2011 Poems

Our monthly collection of poems specifically about your team, managers, refs and games in February on:

Bristol City, Chelsea, Forest Green Rovers, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City,Middlesborough, Millwall, Rooney/Elbowgate, Sparta Prague, Stoke, Torresgate , West Ham United and Wigan.

04 Mar Days Like This Apollo Gees
02 Mar Spanish Archer Darren O’Keeffe
27 Feb West Ham 3-1 Liverpool Emdad Rahman
25 Feb Jinni of the Ball Khadim Hussain
25 Feb In Football Speak Khadim Hussain
25 Feb Start of Sammat Big? Khadim Hussain
25 Feb Liverpool 1-0 Sparta Prague Emdad Rahman
21 Feb Strange and Unfamiliar Soundings
kevin raymond
21 Feb Field Of Dreams (Blantyre Celtic)
Jimmy Whelan
21 Feb Time’s up? Carlo Thatsyerlotti
18 Feb Their Finest Hour… and A Half +.
kevin raymond
13 Feb after the derby irish white
13 Feb Liverpool 1-1 Wigan Emdad Rahman
13 Feb If Vegan Do It – You Can Do It Crispin Thomas
12 Feb The Mistake James Bugg
07 Feb Oi Mister? Let Me In kevin raymond
06 Feb Chelsea 0-1 Liverpool Emdad Rahman
05 Feb Kensington to Kensington Emdad Rahman
05 Feb Ooh Liverpool jamal zox
03 Feb Liverpool 2-0 Stoke Emdad Rahman
02 Feb Can you hear the Drums? Darren O’Keeffe
01 Feb The Travelling Spaniard Christopher Parsons
01 Feb Transfer Window Alan McKean

Source: http://footballpoets.org/news/2011/03/23/your-team-in-february-2011-poems/