Football Food For Thought Poems

(See ‘If Vegan Do It’ poem by Crispin for full news story below).

Football food? This one take the biscuit and has prompted some great response from you guys after having been sidelined and prawn-sandwiched in between reality and common sense for too long. Cotswold Vegan club owner Dale Vince at Forest (getting even Green-er) Rovers hits the food headlines this week. Is it really time to say ‘Burger Off and journey to organic in-house wholefood cafe pastrures new at Accrington Stanley and Rodborough FC ?’ But ..in the words of our good mate Attilla The Stockbroker: “Who ate all the pioneers?” More thoughts on football food in general please. Oh and what was that about being stripped of your (very dangerous) bottled water tops at grounds and the prices at Wembley… too cheap you say? Yeah right.

15 Feb Pythagoras and Dale Vince are Cool Haiku Stuart Butler
15 Feb Hamburg 0-1 West Green United John J O’Connor
15 Feb 22 Carat Gold Legged Football Team
Jools Hampton
14 Feb I Have a Beef mark merriman
14 Feb Doesn’t Tofu Play For Brazil?
kevin halls
13 Feb If Vegan Do It – You Can Do It Crispin Thomas

Source: http://footballpoets.org/news/2011/02/17/football-food-for-thought-poems/