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Spare a thought

Oh spare a thought
For poor old Gibraltar
There must have been
Something in the water
Annihilated by the French
It must have been a gruesome
When the French gave
Fulsome flair and
Tenacious bite
French chalk up 14
Against the Gibraltar rock
When time seemed to be out
Of their chronological clock
Oh woe for the sad and woebegone
Gibraltar, we do feel sorry
For you and your families
Kith and kin
It wasn’t a sin
But last night we discovered
The game’s brief flirtation
With cruelty and sympathy
We knew that the French
Had too much nous, elan
And street wisdom
But 14 goals against
A team still finding its feet
In the baptismal font
Dire want
Of youthful exuberance
Barely a spring chicken
Of existence
The new boys on the block
Don’t mock
International novices
Still chewing on the Farley’s
Rusk, a babe in arms
It just seems so heartless
Ruthless finality
Les Bleus
Magnifique, the
Correct bon mots
For all to admire
Kylian M’Bappe the wonder
Kid with star studded feet
Diamonds in boots of iron
A hat-trick in shades of blue
France in no mood for leniency
Charity belongs in some
Hidden corner of the Palace
Of Versailles
Goals by the pantechnicon
Load them up Kylian
Onion bags bulging with
Record breaking goals
So ridiculously one sided
That the towel of surrender
Must have been flung onto the
Green acres of fertile
Gallic soil
After a quarter of an hour
No shame though
Since France are
Well established World Cup
Winners indeed
Euro crowns to boot
But this was manslaughter
On the most criminal scale
A cataclysmic avalanche
That wiped out the Rock
But it was just football
Only football
Nothing serious,
Nobody perished
Just a game once
graced by the French
Monarchy of Platini
All silks, satins
And rich, opulent fabrics
Giresse, commander in chief
Engineer, architect
Of stunning edifices
French palaces gold and glass
Six, jinky, quicksilver, light
On his feet,
Then the archives told us
About the masterful Just Fontaine
Goals served up in huge
Silver platters, glinting
In gilt mirrors
Raymond Kopa,
The smoothest operator
Then more latterly
Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira,
Didier Deschamps directing,
Guiding, pointing, comforting,
A player of the most upper class
What chance did Gibraltar
Stand? None whatsoever
Football was inherited
From ages ago
France, too much
Pomp and ceremony
Football in their plasma,
Their adrenal glands
Blood throbbing through
Their culture
In minds, thoughts
And emotional brew
Football far too
Advanced for Gibraltar
So 14 goals for France
But the truth

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England & Australia Next WWC ’23

~ Australia 0-0 France (AET 7-6 Pens)~

passion and belief
see Matilda semis bound
aurevoir Les Bleus


~ England 2-1 Columbia ~

in a tough affair
Lionesses fight with fire
can we now believe?

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England France & Jamaica Triumph – WWC ’23

~ England 1-0 Denmark ~

stunning strike from James

sees the Lionesses home

China lie in wait ~


~ France 2-1 Brazil ~

Renard nod for France

steers them past a slick Brazil

in this mighty clash


~ Panama 0-1 Jamaica ~

Reggae Girlz arrive

Swaby header brings first win

Panama hopes end


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Swiss Roll Magnifique! Day 16 Euro 2020 haiku

‘Swiss Roll Magnifique!’

France go out in epic style

who could forsee this?

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France/Portugal/Germany’s Day 13 ~ Euro 2020 haiku

Christiano’s pens

stretches France to breaking point

on a bonkers night


Hungary so close

Germany survive a scare

to face Southgate’s boys

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Day 9 Euro 2020 haiku

stubborn Magyar pride

driven by their baying fans

make this France look weak




Germany are back

in this feisty group of death

Portugal are squashed




stuttering along

Spain denied and held again

by resurgent Poles





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Portugal & France’s Day 5. Euro 2020 haiku

who can stop the French?

Pogba driving Les Bleus on

in the tightest fight


Christiano’s back

silencing this wall of sound

Hungary implode

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Germany v France.

Le Blues, off to a flyer
Could prove difficult to beat?
Even the added bite of Rudiger,
Fails the toothless Germans, in defeat

If there’s any genuine justice in our game?
For trying to bite (nibble?) another man?
Rudigers, done n dusted, heading for the plane
and a lengthy international ban?

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WC2018 Day 25 FINAL – haiku

Parc de Triomphe
Mbappe inspires the Gauls
Allez Les Blues


Runners up, yet
Croatia proud as can be
Gave it their all


Got what we wanted
Six goal fitting finale
World Champions France


Final had it all
Six goals and V.A.R. too
French profit


Cryuff of the Balkans
Player of the Tournament
Runners up medal


Thibaut Courtois
Magnificent net minder
Golden Gloves award


Arise Sir Harry!
Six goals netted overall
Golden Boot award

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Conspiracy Theory or VARsh Reality?

Corner kick in his mind
Eyeballs the monitor behind
Before racing back on to the field…
Vlad appears on the miniature screen
Snarling, broody like, mean,
“Right sunbeam this here’s the deal…

Your blossoming movie career
Finishes here
Unless them French boys get awarded this pen
I’m meeting McDonald in Helsinki this week
Could pull a few Hollywood strings so to speak?
Or there’s the Gulag my son, then again…”?

Said pen gets knocked in
France go on and win
Croatia’s complaints – like their hopes – disappear
In a Moscow hotel bathroom mirror
A referee takes time out to deliver
His winning speech for The Oscars next year.

Does the above make any sense?
Or am I talking absolute nonsense?
Well…no-one’s saying you have to believe me?
But this here conspiracy theory
Holds more credence, I’m sure you’ll agree,
Than yesterdays VARsical World Cup reality?

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