A Letter To The Mammy.

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Mother dear I’m over here
I shall not be coming back
I’ve fell in love with football
The ladies and the craic
No more for me of hurling
The boozing and suchlike
This football thing is precious
Like a gem that shines so bright
There’s a passion
Like I’ve never seen
For this fantastic game
Folks from all over London
Stand and cheer the names
Of all the stars
That are in the team
As they wollow in this fame
The facilities are basic
The pitch is where its at
When those teams are at it
By Jaysus it is cat
All the fans are friendly
You never know their names
But they seem to stand
In the same place each week
Even when it rains
I’ve started to see this young one
Her name is Chelsea Blue
She’s everything on earth to me
In almost all I do
So if you come to London
As I hope indeed you will
I’ll introduce you to Chelsea Blue
Where there’ll always be a thrill!

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A letter from a young Irish immigrant to the mammy. This poem is based around a story me da told me that when he first came to London, as a neutral fan he went to see alll the London teams at leisure, one week Spurs, the next week Arsenal and so forth, the grounds were packed solid and the craic was good in Cricklewood!!! As us London Irish say!!!



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/a-letter-to-the-mammy/