ABC message to AVB

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Atmosphere like life can change
Barely months and things turn strange
Carefree turns to apathy
Desparation clear to see
Ev’ry week and every game
Feel the pressure mount again
Grasp for answers look to God
Hope eternal ageing squad
In a moment goals can flow
Just relax and let it go
Know your limits tighten up
Let’s move on to other cups
Maybe this one’s when we learn
Nothing comes your way un-earned
Other clubs and other grounds
Pulsate with their mighty sounds
Questions you’ve been heard to ask
Roll aside the massive task
Sometimes you just have to say
This ain’t gonna be your day
Upward onward we must go
Very soon we’ll find and know
Whether you can see through walls
X -ray vision heed your calls
You and me and AVB
Zzzzzzzzzzz …one day we’ll sleep peacefully.



Chelsea 0 Liverpool 2 Carling Cup Nov 2012.

Big up to 6000 amazing Liverpool fans (and Leeds and Cardiff fans ) as ever for filling the stands last night and for forgetting their Liverpool-Everton battles and singing Gary Speed’s name so prominently last night..

This alphabetical scribble in answer to AVB imploring his faithful but forever out-sung HOME Chelsea fans to get behind the team and ‘create atmsophere’. (Is there life among the posh and beyond the Matthew Harding Lower we ask ?) .Thankfully there is at Forest Green Rovers, (watch out we’re on our way!)

Hang on though AVB, shouldn’t the team create an atmosphere too and get behind the club and the fans? OK agreed, it’s all about confidence, but fans go there and sing with confidence – even if the’y’re not! Oh for the Shed days and nights of yester-year, even though we always felt so far away from the pitch, we were so poor, unpredictable and yes carefree..but we just went for the vibe and a laugh half the time!

PS Rubbish ending (X and Z!) btw- sorry . That ol’ chestnut dilemna of the football alphabet game i guess, but sadly (and who would ever feel sad for my beloved Chelski! ) AVB is gradually discovering Chelsea (and Roman) wasn’t built in a day,oh hang on (like City) it was!.

I actually like Andre lot and hope (like the other 6 or 7) that ‘they’ (the big bods) / ‘he’ (RA) give/gives ‘himl’ AVB) long enough.. but it’s time to rebuild. Still good to see the young guns coming through. Ori and Josh look great prospects. It’s also quite refreshing to not be the mosty hated moneybags club right now..

Meanwhile, bring on the next make or break games Newcastle (A), Valencia (H) Man City (H) and Spurs (A) .(er yeah right.).Doctor Who used to be the only thing on the box I hid behind the sofa from.. Sadly no sofa in our pub (big up to The British Oak in Stroud) for armchair fans like me these days. Bring on the £20 January FA Cup games and I’m in. I’m dreaming of Carlisle or Alfreton at home so Torres can have another decent kick-about .a la Genk…ouch.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/abc-message-to-avb/