At St Peter’s church Woolton (1)

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At St Peter’s church Woolton
25th May 2005
Just a few friends gathered there
Nothin’ fancy mind
The little group they watched the Reds
On a portable TV
The days before the Sky dropped down
And made it pay per hardly bloody free
A Scotsman down from Glenbuck
A Scouser from nearby
And a Durham man with his flat cap on
Nowt missed their knowin’ eyes
The half time score caused some concern
The tactics all agreed
“We’ll see things change when Rafa brings on
Smicer and Didi!”


St Peters Church, Woolton, Liverpool, resting place of the immortal Sir Bob Paisley (RIP YNWA).

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/at-st-peters-church-woolton-1/