1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 To some he was the be all, his being was superior
The sun it shone from every part, from head down to posterior,
Idolatry was all he knew, they bowed down at his feet
The King, G10, Pure Genius, were the cries they did excrete
They sang of him most every time, he was “City through and through”
A local boy from Whitechurch, representing me and you
Some of us were sceptical, didn’t quite think “He’s the man”
No doubt the boy had talent but was a bit too fancy dan
He hated those we hated but he loved only himself
He feared the thought of being left here sitting on our shelf
We knew the chance of UK glory weighed heavy on his mind.
And as much as he did love us, could he leave us all behind?

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 Words were spoken previously of his sheer dislike of Kelly
That Friday night in Dalymount, he duly gave him welly.
30 minutes barely in, did he understand the cost?
With 10 men left, it petered out, 2 points were sadly lost.
Rico, like so many more, voiced anger and dismay,
He slapped a 2 week fine on him and sent him on his way,
Disparate from our other stars, he wasn’t having this.
He contacted the PFA, who does Rico think he is?
Rico not like his antecedents, won’t suffer super stars
All players treated equal; this didn’t suit our George,
Communications broken down, the saint against the sinner,
Manager versus Renegade, who would emerge the winner?

3 Leave a comment on verse 3 0 George was given some time off to sort his personal life
He retorted saying rubbish despite rumours being rife.
What happened next may have sealed the fate of our ugly duckling swan.
He released a silly statement on the eve of Apollon.
The players they responded, theirs heads never did drop
The lads they knew in spats like this, who would emerge on top
This was not quite virgin ground for Georgie to explore
He had fought with every manager he’d ever had before
Mickey Walsh was brought on board to find the lad a home
All that reared its ugly head was Limerick on a loan
The Georgie lovers blamed Rico, a hate campaign began
It was nasty and vindictive, not the actions of a fan.

4 Leave a comment on verse 4 0 The stand off it continued, personalities did clash
George turned up to training, in order to collect his cash
The Ocaliban were trying their best, to undermine the boss
But were out sung by the faithful, at our home in Turners Cross
The end is nigh they did proclaim, without his touches deft
Yet despite a Red Star lesson we haven’t lost since Georgie left
The lad has just turned 27, it’s twilight by and large
He’ll never play for us again while Rico is in charge
The boy’s his own worst enemy, got no one he can trust
He’s got the skills & touch and now another chance, a must.
At last he’s due to leave, he’ll go, for us no gratitude
All down to one plain simple fact, improper attitude



Let this be an end to the George saga.

Editor’s note:

Darren is referring to George O’Callaghan and Cork City FC.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/attitude/