Communion of the Players

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 What does it mean GB and GB
It means this poet and Gareth Bale
But I will say that it means Gareth Bale
two times
He scored his KING”s CUP FINAL goal
to entertain the entire world and he
didn’t score for this poet sake as his
initials are the same:GB
But he did it anyway
But it was for the sake of football poets
who have hosted Barcelona star through
my previous poem and now because
it is only the days after epic Iniesta poem
that the player whose initials are GB
scores this fast and self made world famous goal
It is interesting because it is like real Opera
Spanish World Cup goal was immortalised through
previous Iniesta poem and few days after
Gareth Bale immortalised himself on the
hot Mestalla stadium watched by entire world
His Majesty The King of Spain and entire Spain
This is very precise agenda
This is something
This is football
This is communion of football players
This is communion of football poets
This is communion of GB and GB
This is communion of Spain and Great Britain
In very short space of time Iniesta immortalised
Isaac Newton from England speaking about his goal
and Welsh player whose initials are GB scored
the Kings Cup Final self made goal
That is football game


Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/communion-of-the-players/