Cut By Football Poets

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 I’ve been cut by Football Poets.
Should have seen it coming.
Used same rhymes too many times.
Not nuanced, really: numbing.
In early starts
I’d cut their hearts.
My metre’d duck and swivel.
Lately all I offered
were clichés, puns,
filler, drivel.
Thought I’d make a comeback
with Haiku, alliteration,
as if I could avoid the sack
with just some new formation.
Sophomore jinx?
Much more, me thinks.
I’ve given up a yard.
Shown all my ploys,
gone out like Moyes.
I’ll never be a bard,
and, so, I must acknowledge
I was way out of my league.
Witness my thesaurus-fraud-found-
fitness rhyme fatigue.
What these guys write
day in, day out.
is . . . well, is just poetic.
Leaves me gasping
to play out
my literary toe-kick.
Cut from Football Poets.
I’ll be back, though,
you can wager.
Today I spied a classified:
“Football Poet Manager.”



Editor/Manager/Coach Note:

It’s early days son. We’re not a verse (ouch) to change. It’s a long-long ode ahead .Rhymes change. Season not fully underway and no one is guaranteed a place here, even with incredibly powerful rhymes like wager and manager. Trust me – bottom line: you’re part of this quaint and anitquated set-up. We’re a family, it’s a squad game today.

There’s a lot of poets still to come back from their World Cup watching and summer breaks who will be fighting for new lines and more importantly points to make. Hang in there and chances will come.

Get ready though. keep your mind, heart and pen fit ….it’s gonna be emotional …yeah right..(now where did we hear that recently?)

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/cut-by-football-poets/