“Decisions, decisions”

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 As old Bruce Forsythe would say
“Good game, good game”
Of which I have no complaints
But which one?
East End muttoned glamour
Or home where the heart is?
I chose the much more low key
Training ground get in for free
Than the one in my plans.
I had Brisbane Road as my destination
New York Cosmos on vacation
‘Little’ Leyton Orient v. such a great name
Though a re-formed shadow
From the height of their fame
No greats like Der Kaiser
Or a chap called Pele
Cosmos mark two
Aren’t wall to wall telly.
But I’m still sad enough
To go over the river
Just seeing the great name
Gives me a shiver
An iconic outfit in London town
How can I turn the opportunity down?
Well I was at Champion Hill in the bar
Chilling in the glow of a homecoming Carr
When I told we’re playing Guildford City
Gonna miss the Yanks more’s the pity.
Our match is at the training pitch
But still my team, life’s a bitch
Who would have cared
Which game I saw?
A friendly’s a friendly
They’re traditionally poor
Nobody would have noticed
If I’d missed the Dulwich game
Hardly anyone else there
To point a finger of blame.
But I’d have known myself
That I was a fraud
If I’d gone to the O’s
Of my own accord.
Dulwich Hamlet are in my heart
And I just can’t bear being apart.



(On Tuesday Dulwich Hamlet beat a Huddersfield Town XI 2-1; part of the deal that took our young striker Danny Carr there, in the summer. I was planning to go to Leyton Orient v. New York Cosmos, last night, due to the famous name of the visitors. But I then heard we had a Club XI friendly against Guildford City, at our training venue. Dillema…I chose our match, which we drew 1-1)

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/decisions-decisions/