Everybodys Talking About It

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Helter skelter, what a belter
playing with wingers, humdingers
harem scarem, can’t get near ’em
right backs, left backs, counter attacks
long ball, handball, stonewall
he’s given a pen, boys against men
substitutes, fluorescent boots
he shoots
he scores, early doors, bore draws
lost cause
sixes and sevens, a right two and eight
four four two, ten against ten
yellow card, red card, well hard
free kick given, that’s never ten yards
man on, play on, game on
mascots, potshots
side netting, in-play betting
offside! just wide
half-time pie, back to the tie
back pass farce, divots in grass
route one, a mazy run, we won
we lost it, he crossed it, we bossed it
away fans, fancy dans, three match bans
at the full-time whistle, there’s no doubt
there’s always plenty to talk about



I prefer my football without goal-line technology thank you.
And with the end of the season fast approaching, I can only conclude that summer is just an interval when all you have to talk about is the rain…

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/everybodys-talking-about-it-2/