Ghost of Christmas Past

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 It was strange,
The light faded
Only in one corner,
Of Boro’s dressing room
Boyd, Macdonald, Lita and Emnes
Dropped the beer cans,
And stopped stroking their
Turkey-stuffed bloated stomachs.
Through supernatural medium,
The dumbstruck team
Could make out the strange figure.
“Are you the ghost?” Asked the Gaffer
“Yes! I am,” said a firm voice.
“Who are you,” demanded the Gaffer
“I’m the Ghost of Christmas Past.”
“But it Boxing day and an hour before kick-off.”
“I come when it is relevant.”
“Who’s past?”
“Boro’s past, thus the whole teams past.”
Out of the mist appeared a large T.V. like screen
“Watch!” said the voice.
They saw the goals score in their wins on Boxing Day
Three against Scunthrope in 2009
Three against Manchester United 2002
Four against Everton in 1996
“Look at your supporters,” the voice added gently.
Light shone on Boyd, Macdonald, Lita and Emnes
The misfiring strikers,
Like a spotlight
“It is the season of good will to all man kind but
You’re above relegation only by goal difference,
The figure disappeared, lights returned to normal
Only phrase repeated until it faded
“Remember your fans,
Remember your fans,
Remember your fans.”



Written for the Boxing Day match at home against Nottingham Forest.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/ghost-of-christmas-past/