Girl Talk

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 On Saturday, history will be made
A female commentator on Match of the Day
And here we go again with the usual old fuss
As the dinosaur crew board the chauvinist bus
Blokes shuffle uncomfortably when asked for their view
They don’t want her to do it, don’t want something new
One claimed ‘in excitement, she’ll begin screeching’
Not sure what discriminatory law he is breaching
What is it about ‘girls’ that make some lose reason
We stand side by side and sing when we’re freezing
We eat the pies, we dream the dream
When there’s a goal, it’s not only us who scream
Do you feel that nothing is sacred any more?
Do you want your game back behind closed doors?
Some women love football, we eat, sleep and think
Footballs moved on, some teams play in pink
Footballers wear hair bands
Woolly gloves on manicured hands
They’ve stolen a march on dripping bling
Highlighted hair and diamond rings
Get in touch with your feminine side
Admit that when relegation struck, you cried
A good commentator is good, no need to confer
That logic applies, even when it’s a ‘her’



Well there’s a surprise, debate on TalkSport – call in and tell us ‘whether there’s anything wrong with a woman commentating on MOTD’
GOOD GRIEF. Jacqui Oatley – thanks for your fivelive commentaries – I’ve enjoyed listening – enjoy your MOTD debut.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/girl-talk/