Glenn’s Equaliser against Cork

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 And thus bold Heary took the ball
And looked around for options new.
Oh, what’s a right full back to do
When opportunity doth fall?
But as he glanced, he spied the run
Of Ollie Cahill away out left,
Who’d found some space with cunning deft
To leave the Cork right back undone.
And lo! Came Bomber’s pinpoint pass,
A perfect Beckham crossfield ball
That supercedeth one and all
Upon the pristine Tolka grass.
And Ollie, ‘gainst his former team,
Didst watch the ball and judged its flight
As it descended through the night
As in some esoteric dream.
With outstretched leg he guessed it well
And brought it down with sweet control
And looked for Glenn in near the goal,
Whom Cork defenders could not quell.
And as the ball bounced in his stride,
Six thousand eyes were glued on Ollie
Who struck the ball with perfect volley
Towards the goal from way out wide.
And Glenn just moved a yard or two,
As Cork defenders stood and stared,
Aghast, confused and unprepared
For this lobbed centre, pure and true.
And as the cross came down to earth,
With angled foot, Glenn reached it first
And stroked it home as Cork fans cursed
And Shels’ supporters danced with mirth.
The beauty of that perfect goal
Lay in its sheer simplicity,
Triangulation, one, two, three,
Precision passing, sweet control.



Shels 2 Cork City 2 – Glenn Crowe equalises late on.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/glenns-equaliser-against-cork/