Happy Birthday Bill (1907-1980 )

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 On the 22nd of January, in the town of Birkenhead,
A misty drizzle wept, from clouds as grey as lead.
William Ralph Dean was born, no wise men bearing gifts,
Just towels and hot water and Midwives changing shifts.
What use would he have, for gold , frankincense and myrrh ?
This fledgling Evertonian, with a shock of jet black hair.
He scored 377 goals for the Toffees, a third were with his head,
As William Ralph Dean would stand, where angels fear to tread.
Sixty in one season, a record that still stands,
even in this age of TV money, Oligarchs and Alice bands.
He won the League in ’28 and in ’33 the Cup,
and after relegation, he helped to bring us up .
He hated being called Dixie and all the trappings of fame,
” Just call me Bill . . . ” he’d say, ” Cos thats me flippin’ name “.



Editor Note:

Great early footage and images here of Bill/Dixie to the song “Dixie Dean” Bill Meher.

Click Here:
Bill “Dixie” Dean ( 1907-1980)

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/happy-birthday-bill-1907-1980/