“Hitting The Post Again”

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 I got a slap on the wrist
Not hard but gentle and nice
Can I please reel in my poetry
I didn’t have to think twice.
Seems my backlog of poetry
Is clogging up the ‘Football Poets’ site
I really don’t want to upset them
When I’m struggling to sleep at night.
My Dulwich Hamlet in trouble
I don’t need any more worry
Humble apologies to the webmasters
For publishing in a hurry.
Clogging your contributions
With my backlog of crime
I’m only ‘guilty’ of keenness
Sharing my love of rhyme.
See when you changed things over
Going all website state of the art
You didn’t take into consideration
That I’m a useless Luddite old fart.
Couldn’t work out how to log in
So had to stop sharing my stuff
Not sure if that was good or bad
My poetry’s might be total guff.
Now you’ve enticed me back
Loving giving it another go
I’ll just take care with my backlog
Taking it nice and slow.



(I’ve finally started to post on the ‘Football Poets’ website, having not been able to work out how to log on, after they moved website. The hosts have now shown me how to do this, and I started posting my backlog…from 2016! But three a day was too many, and I’ve been asked to slow things down…oops!)

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/hitting-the-post-again/