I Kissed Bill Shankly’s Feet!

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 On Anfield ground
That hallowed mound
That reds of fondly speke
I was one, though not in fun
Who did something quite unique
The man was God
Though slightly odd
Still walking on this earth
What I did was worship
Our saviour like in verse
He led us where we’ve never been
To heights of dizzy fame
Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane
Would never be the same
We travelled far
By plane and car
To see the boys perform
Think nothing of a pilgrimage
To climates cold and warm
This something that I speke of
This something so unique
What have I done to sacred son
I kissed Bill Shankly’s Feet!!!

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Forget wearing shirts with your idols name on, this is 100% pure raw unadulterated adulation! I can’t quite remember where I saw this photo, but it was in a gallery and is one of the most moving photo’s I have ever seen, Bill Shankly, for all his so called hard persona is just blown away! The fan looks up as if he, Shankly is God. (I know Ms Maguire, he is!) Bill of steel is Godlike in his look at the fan with a kindness that he obviously had, you can’t hide these things and the camera never lies!



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/i-kissed-bill-shanklys-feet/