In My Day

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Players from years gone by
paraded on the pitch, some you
remember, others well before your time.
“Best winger we ever had, plant the ball
on a sixpence, and he could use both feet too,
not one footed like today.
Him? He was as hard as nails, tough as old boots,
kicked them if they got past him, don’t make em like that anymore.
That one there ? He was our goalie, boy could he take a cross, and always kept his cap on, better than the keepers today.
See him there? He was a wing half, you call them midfielders now,
you reckon that Gerrard’s good, got nothing on him,I’ll tell you.
You can’t call this a football ground, we stood up on the terraces,
in all weathers, these stadiums are more like theatres.
You call these pies, full of rubbish, we had proper steak and kidney
in my day, wouldn’t feed one to the dog ! “



At the Ricoh recently, players who had played for Cov City, from the fifties,up to the nineties, were paraded on the pitch, and I could imagine my late father, who was a big City fan, saying a lot of the above to me, but like all us soccer fans, most of us reckon players from our era are the best !

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/in-my-day-2/