Maradona’s Second Goal

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Oh how well orchestrated the redemption
Playing cards with God
No sleight of hand needed
When the boots were blessed
With such divine miracles
6 lions not 3 left stranded bewildered
Some say bewitched and mesmerized
As Maradona, the dark prince, the rebellious angel
Wove a path to glory that left no footprints
What miracles for feet
What poems born from
The golden boots beneath
Southern skies
Upon a pitch blessed
By the limbs of alchemy
Oh fields of fire
Apathy and despair banished
The English interlopers
Humbled and slain
By such defiant skills
Hand of scopa feet of fireworks
So achingly beautiful
The Angels dipped low
And like us mortals
Breathlessly watched
Now everyone laughs at the “fat man”
Playing up to the cameras
In his footie shirt bursting at the seams
Like his bloated skin
People love to mock the fallen angel
Because his flaws make him more human
For his football skills were truly divine
And that hand of God?
We forgive him wholeheartedly
For the left foot of God was too beautiful
To be denied
For the salvation retrieving the inherent charm
The audacious skill that needed no helping hand
Those flying defiant legs dancing through defences
To leave them floundering
Like ships lost at sea as you and your erratic genius
Scored noisily into hearts and headlines
Leaving fingers free to punch
Only the sky…



#MaradonaDay 22/6/1986 #HandOfGod

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/maradonas-second-goal-2/