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Angels Only Whisper

Angels Only Whisper

It’s not possible for Liverpool to play behind ‘closed doors’
We might not hear them but there will always be 96 roars.
And the spirit of other Reds, ashes buried in the kop goal.
Anfield can never be empty, while inside is every lost soul.
The Kop may look deserted, to the cameras and naked eye.
Flags and banners may not wave, no red scarves held high.
A ghostly, unreal atmosphere, never seen at Anfield before.
Near silence to greet whatever the result, win lose or draw.
Because Angels only whisper away from their heavenly home.
Behind ‘closed doors’ or not, my club will never walk alone.

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Football Family (In Praise of Little Clubs)

there are places where a coat of paint would do right
you need thermals even in the August games
the raffle can quite often be the highlight
but something draws you back each time again
the crowd is often sparse inside the main stand
the faces and expressions are the same
they laugh or sympathise with the away fans
all standing without shelter in the rain
for in the end we may be quaint and funny
and though we know we’ll prob’ly always be
a million miles away from all the money
I wouldn’t swop it for the Premier League

a Premier League that dominates back pages
the phone ins with their endless banging on
the clichés that belong in some dark ages
ignoring all the stuff that’s still so wrong
the betting world that shines like rings on fingers
and ev’ry other billboard flag and shirt
the racism and sexism that lingers
the language and the toxic words that hurt
so keep your money world the dream has perished
your match-day mascots for a weekly wage
forget the long lost Peoples Game we cherished
that still exists on some old faded page

so leave me with my terraces for standing
the freedom with my mates to move around
my rained off games without your cor’prate branding
at this my antiquated old school ground
and you can call us tin pot if you want to
and ramble on about your history
but down here in the lower leagues you’ll find me
content within this football family
in praise of all the little clubs preserving
connections with their own community
a million miles away but never swerving
no I wouldn’t swop it for the Premier League

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Postponed by Corona – Limerick

There once was a bug called Corona,
That caused many games to postpona.
Juve-Inter for sure,
Sev’ral other match more,
Not least of which Samp v Verona.

Denys E. W. Jones

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Closed Doors

There’s players on the pitch,
There’s linesmen and a ref,
There’s journalists and TV crews,
As rightly you’d expect.

But there are no supporters,
No cheering, chanting crowd,
The game’s being played behind closed doors,
The fans are all shut out.

The match can go ahead alright,
But folk must stay at home,
And watch it on their telly,
Their tablet or their phone.

Closed doors for Juve-Inter,
And at San Siro too,
Where Milan’s Rossoneri
Take on the Rossoblu.

A virus called Corona
Has left some people dead.
So swiftly steps were taken,
To stem the scourge’s spread.

They’ve closed the universities,
The theatres, the schools,
The panic button has been hit,
And Football’s not immune.

The turnstiles are not clicking,
Stands, terraces are bare,
No flags, no songs, no scarves, no drums,
An eerie atmosphere.

So, are these measures right or wrong,
This lockout good or bad?
I cannot tell, just shake my head,
And find it all so sad.

Denys E. W. Jones

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Fabianski hands Reds three points

Liverpool 3-2 West Ham

With the Reds far from full throttle
Gini is released from the Red bottle
Issa Diop’s headed goal
Can’t temper that winning roll

Pablo Fornals gives the Kop a shake
Nine minutes after the break
Salah banishes the Hammers scare
For Fabianski’s Anfield nightmare

Trent lofts to serve his dinner
It’s Mane for a late winner
18 successive wins the fans scream
Tis the mark of a winning team

24 03 20

© emdad rahman

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The situations

29 years earlier of
Everton”s 4-4 draw
with Liverpool

Liverpool led four times
Dalglish resigned

It was not the ERA of

Now I would wish ONE

F.A CUP 5th round replay
20 February 1991

I liked that match and came to this
idea of producing now
one retro half-and-half scarf

Any great match of the past and
any World Cup Final
can have its retro half-and-half scarf

Maybe something is wrong to have many
today’s matches introduced by the
half-and-half scarves

But today’s memorabilia about football

DVD’s, BOOKS somehow overshadowed
by anything else

Maybe for this reason
we should have the greatest
paintings of the old football grounds
in the museums

I have DVD called Highbury Years
But is it WASTE LAND ?
I would visit the museum in London
and look for greatest painting of Highbury

It is possible

It is possible to be both the fan-tourist
and the traditional one-club fan

Everything is possible

But what is an effort is to
understand WASTE LAND

To accept everything about today’s football

Or resign,

Or instead of watching Manchester United
start watching F.C UNITED of MANCHESTER

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Hot Press

I watched the first half live last night
then I switched off
for I guessed what would follow:
lauded team of Albion, one down to an early, fluky goal
a team unquenchable in the domestic league
but up against
a needling, durable, desperate bunch
who’ve found their form in this one game
back to their obdurate best
led by a clever, craggy, capricious coach
who went to the hot press
and found his blanket defence
ironed, starchy and creaseless
and sure enough
by game’s end
still a clean sheet

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Harry’s greatest saves

As passengers moaned and writhed with pain
some were saved by Harry
from Coleraine.
As injured victims for life did beg
back into the plane dived Harry Gregg.

A Man United and Northern Ireland great
A hero in February of 58
Playing with United less than a year
on that fateful day he showed no fear.
An accomplished keeper
calm and brave
he could be counted on
to pull a top shelf save.
But for all the saves
he made as a pro
the best of the lot
were in the Munich snow

R.I.P Harry

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Harry Gregg ~ The Man Who Didn’t Just Save Goals

sometimes we judge our players
by the way that they behave
a striker for his scoring
and a keeper for his saves
we even tag some heroes
and one deserves that claim
a man who didn’t just save goals
Harry Gregg his name

the day is still etched in my mind
and I remember then
I cried aloud next morning
when I was only ten
and on that day we lost perhaps
the greatest football side
but Harry rescued those he could
we speak his name with pride

and just thirteen days later
so many team mates gone
he took the field again once more
determined to go on
and later in the Final
the first one that I saw
they bundled him into the net
as Bolton’s Lofthouse scored

sometimes we judge our players
by the way that they behave
a striker for his scoring
and a keeper for his saves
we often tag them heroes
and one deserve that claim
a man who didn’t just save goals
Harry Gregg his name

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If We Stay in Forest Green

they say that it’s impractical they say we’ve gotta go
they say we really have to move but some of us say no
and yes it needs improvements the parking and the ground
but nothing is impossible that’s what I’ve always found
it’s not a lot to ask for it’s how it’s always been
so can’t we just explore it if we stay in Forest Green?

I’ve got no big agenda versus stadiums in wood
in truth it could be special but up by Nortonwood*
and what a place to play in to visit or to chill
blending with the valley the fields and the hill
a place where all away fans had somewhere warm and clean**
I know that they can do it if we stay in Forest Green

a South and North Stand toilet with a ceiling and with heat ***
so we don’t have to spend our nights all thawing out our feet
and on the top of my Q Pie**** with steaming hot gravy
some peas and mash potato like they had in the Embrey
I’m saying we belong here it’s where we’ve always been
our history and future if we stay in Forest Green

I’m really into eco and the times are getting tough
I stand up for the planet and all of that good stuff
and you can call me grandad a dinosaur too even
tell me I’m a wrinkly or another oat-drunk vegan
say that it’s not feasible but here was built the dream
of something really special if we stay in Forest Green

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