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Incredible Les Bleus take football home: France 4-2 Croatia

Twas France who struck gold first
Sucker own goal by Mandzukic
Croatia throw caution to the wind
One one soon by Perisic

Moscow hadn’t had enough yet
It was Perisic who would make
Nestor Pitana’s VAR penalty
Griezmann makes no mistake

Howitzer from Paul Pogba
On the hour it’s Mbappe
Making this teen a final scorer
Ever since a guy called Pele

15 07 18

© emdad rahman

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Croatian in Paris

I started as the Croatian fan in Paris
but became close with the Dubliners
of James Joyce, Gandhi
or I started as a Croatian fan
in Paris and I invented Facebook
or magistrated at Oxford

How to support Croatia living in Paris
Yes, everything is getting on nerves
Instead to stand in front of the bar or
restaurant with a French flag shouting
I started my quiet and beautiful tour

I started giving the ‘likes’
by showing and pointing my raised Thumb meaning
toward the shops,windows,restaurants
and buildings where there is no any French flag
due to the match or just passing by the ones with
the flags

‘Oxford University urban study’ conclusion
was that there were dozens of windows
and shops and restaurants without any
flag due to this football match

The Realistic picture

There have been hundreds of my ‘likes’
for them

But, I concluded that
Paris is a free and open
cosmopolitan and welcoming city

If you are a football supporter you can
in this way start giving ‘likes’
and learn much about cities
and cosmopolitism

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Belgium 2-0 England ~ Nuff Said

when we pause we know
like some epic video
we have far to go

games like this are hard
damage limitation time
with a stronger foe

meaningless to some
I know we’d have taken fourth
at the very start

in the end we tired
driven on then driven home
by a classy side

chances far and few
we looked empty early on
brigher later though

littel to see here
from our still emerging team
so much more to come

lots of lessons learned
Belgians realy look the part
we’ll be back …’nuff said

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Awesome Belgique take third

Belgium 2-0 England

Thomas Meunier put Belgium ahead
Sliding in ahead of Danny Rose
With only a mere four minutes in
It seemed the whole team had froze

England had chances to square
Alderweireld clears from Dier
Harry Maguire heads wide
By then the boys had lost their fire

Eden Hazard wraps it up
By then the Reds were spurred
Got the better of Jones to beat Pickford
Well done Belgium on third

14 07 18

© Emdad Rahman

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Penultimate Day In The Play.

Belgium’s best side for ages land third place
“It’s Coming Home”, Ingerland a creditable fourth
ITV – for me – hands down land the punditry crown
For the match of the tournament thus far…I’d say
…Keano v Wrighty…of course
Mind you, having said that…Keano v Bilic wasn’t too far away!

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England are out!

England are out
Semi Final: Croatia 2-1 England

Until Russia eighteen
Its been Charlton and Lineker
With his first ever England goal
We now add Kieran Trippier

Chance after chance
England sloppy on the pitch
Croatia sense blood
One one by Perisic

Croatia up the tempo
There’s still time for a glitch
Three Lions look jaded
Final nail by Mandzukic

11 07 18

© Emdad Rahman

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“Extra! Extra! Read All About It…

A sallow, inflatable prez
May (sic) think he’s some sort of a ledge
During a presidential visit to Trumpton this week
But he don’t come across
Like the sharp bit of M an S cloth, whose simply been boss
In The Soccer, tuned in with the fan on the street”.

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Ere Geez! I Dunno If You Know But…

The best kept secret in football is finally out
A situation bordering on West London farce
See’s Antonio Conte’s future no longer in doubt
He’s tin tacked and given his cards.

Last season, at times seemed a clash of the titans
Both sides refusing to budge
Harsh words approaching transfer night dead-line
Resulted in a power crazed slinging of mud.

Surely the vitriol could have been put to one side
For the sake of us fans, and the good of the team?
Sipping a Bovril at half-time, awash in snide lies
Spoils the taste, if…you know what I mean?

Anyway…we, “Move On Up”, as Curtis Mayfield once said?
Or at least I think that’s his saying I heard?
Meanwhile…an Elton John tune bounces round in my head…
‘Twould appear – at least – in this instance here, “Sarri Seems To Be The Hardest Word”?

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Thank You Gareth Southgate

We thought it was coming home
to where football all began,
our young Lions battled hard
every player to a man.
But it wasn’t meant to be
they just ran out of steam,
as on the night Croatia
were the better team.
Yet they did the country proud
as the nation became one,
we saw that they gave their all
in the heat of a Russian sun.
Yes we were left deflated
that it wasn’t our night,
but with this young side
the future does look bright.
So hold those heads up high
and dry all those tears,
and to Gareth Southgate
all I want to say is CHEERS !

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‘Trump Baby’

‘Trump Baby’
Pumped full of hot air
Blows football off the pages
Grabs the Ingerland press headlines
High Flyin’ in the London sunshine
A gargantuan blimp
In the best mode of Carnival
The crowd howls with derision
Placards face paint and protest
‘Waistcoats for goalposts’
For the discerning postmodern association football aficionado
And the pages of yesterday’s news
Unread unheeded in the same old gutter.

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Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/page/2/