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Frozen Out!

What a rotten lot are those on the board
They are ruthless without any thought
This now poor embarrassed Groundsman
Must feel helpless down and distraught
His 27 year stint just came to an end
Because the pitch was left frozen and hard
Those horrible directors of Southend United
Have shown nothing but disregard

There’s a petition to get him re-instated
Sign it so justice can be done
He couldn’t help the weather that day
It was frozen before he’d begun
This horrible Essex weather was bad
And the pitch had been frozen all day
So please Southend United
Re-instate him without a delay.

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White Hot

We shall never forget that January night
When Bolton fans turned Anfield white
A display by our team that tore Liverpool apart
The memories that still pull the strings of my heart
David Lee precise with his execution of speed
Crossed the ball for McGinley to head Bolton into the lead
The Wanderers fans were delirious behind that goal
As they saw their side take full control
Liverpool by now where were well second best
To a lower league side who continuously pressed
David Lee and Bolton missed chances galore
As the wanderers threatened to score many more
With Liverpool looking a well beaten side
Another Wanderers goal could not be denied
Super John broke free on the right
He crossed for Andy Walker to head Liverpool out of sight.
So twenty seven years later a repeat of that game
Where the squad of today will attempt to emulate that fame
Thanks for the memories they will never be forgot
That picture said it all simply WHITE HOT.

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Make or Break.

It’s been a terrible dire few seasons
For us Bolton fans to take
We have suffered two relegations
And a winding up order heartbreak
Our Chairman sadly passed away
Phill Gartside we’ll never forget
And we found ourselves new owners
That left many fans quite upset.

But without them our club wouldn’t exist
We have to be thankful for that
Yet some doubters were never quite satisfied
By saying they’re smelling a Rat!
“They’re only here to strip assets”
Which many fans seem to believe
But the majority seem to accept them
As they must have some tricks up their sleeve.

Promotion is the club’s main objective
This season is our make or break
We still can’t afford to buy players
And failure would be very hard to take
Yet were still paying premiership wages
To some who we couldn’t get rid!
They’ve still got a year on their contracts
But no one came in with a bid?

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Schmoozing in our local pub*
The talk got around to Donald Trump,
“How’d them Americans elect him, blokes a pain”?

“Well the only alternative was Clinton”
“What, her runs them card-shops, yeah I’ve seen “em”?
“Yeah, seems she couldn’t look after them, and America, the same”?

“Ere, ere, over here please Terry,
Er…The F.A. Cup draws, live on telly
Switch it on mate, and when you’re ready…same again”.

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Throw Back Cup Ties Rap

it’s a throw back draw
it’s like days of yore
when the chips are down you couldn’t ask for more
what an amazing Fifth Round draw

big up Lincoln and Sutton* too
up at Forest Green seen what they do
knocked out Rovers*to make Round Two
so-called minnows are back for sure

listen to pundits having their say
nine team changes throwing it away
well done Millwall what can we say
chuck out the rule books and more more more

Fulham and Wolves both pulling great games
when I was a kid I felt totally the same
it’s all coming back now do you feel the same?
the FA Cup still has that allure

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Too Bright for Comfort

we weren’t that great again out there
against Braintree for sure
perhaps they were too bright for us
i thought we’d never score
it feels bizarre..familiar
before a restless crowd
who barely raise the noise at all
as though they’re not allowed..

the glaring garb the visitors
arrived in ..took us back
to when the future looked so bright
as we began to crack
to be outsung by 42
all standing in the shade
at least we haven’t lost this year
when will we make the grade?

you listen in on moans and groans
from those who’ve watched for years
the pessimism swirls around
increasing long-felt fears
the panic button’s being pressed
we beg consistency
we only sing when we’re winning
which is not constantly

they chop and change so often
they come and go like mist
our two new subs looked fine indeed
it’s time to stick not twist
we have no right to win this league
we flatter to deceive
from the sublime to poor sometimes
whatever we believe

ok we were hard done by
but there we were again
with 7 added minutes
it’s deja-vu my friends
as though we’ve never known a team
put ten behind the ball
or watched dismayed as they waste time
is no surprise at all

so how to lift the feeling
for confidence to soar ?
except to keep on keeping on
it’s square one time once more…
and what to say to stand out more
when pressure is incessant
it’s time for even bolder shirts
we must..

be more..


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It’s All In The Name

He ran down the pitch with perfect control,
Lifted his head and scored a fine goal.
The crowd starting roaring
To see their man scoring
And his team mates acknowledged that goal.
He raised his right hand,
Waved once at the stand
And made his way back to the centre.
No antics, no sliding, no baring his chest,
Just a slight smile for doing his best.
And that’s how it is,
It’s all in the name,
George Best was the best
At the Beautiful Game.
Never forgotten,
Always adored,
And just raising one hand
Each time he scored.



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How Many?

So many questions always on the go
rumours and grumbles that never seem to stop
but only one question in the heart of ev’ry fan
how many coats has Mark Cooper* got?

negative comments about the boss
transfers and new loans bubbling in the pot
but far more important than all of that stuff..
how many coats has Mark Cooper got?

heard it mentioned on the last comment’ry
and suddenly the penny just finally dropped
Elliott** and Keiffer** must wonder as they leave
how many coats has Mark Cooper got?

takes some stick on the ol’ touchline
Facebook rants that have lost the plot
promotion is there but we still wanna know…
how many coats has Mark Cooper got?

are they chosen for each new formation
diff’rent at the back..diff’rent up top
Motherwell** Ipswich** I don’t care….
but how many coats has Mark Cooper got?

wrapped in a scarf like a snowman on the line
zip- ups… fur-lined ..he’s got the lot
forget about Lincoln (Green)*** we’re Forest Green
so how many coats has Mark Cooper got?

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Graham Taylor – 1944-2017

Lincoln City where it begins
The youngest coach’s rise from shadows
Took Watford and Villa to the brink
And England to the Swedish Euros

What a fairytale with the Hornets
FA Cup Final and second in the First
Hornets surged from the Fourth Division
Some things are better unrehearsed

Gave Barnes, Shearer, Crouch debuts
Served as chairman of the Board
England unbeaten in the first 12 games
Is still set a national record

Whether it’s Villa Park or Molineux
Sincil Bank or Blundell Park, Grimsby
Only One Graham Taylor shouts loud
All rise Villa Park and Wembley

© Emdad Rahman

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Mister Meredith

Maybe we can
be sure that
there are football
fans from the
Nobel Prize winners
to the Nobel Prize
And what we call
people from all walks of life
Just think about
the Rangers fan
Liverpool fan
Or The Beatles
But for me only one fan
is the World’s best ever fan
Mister W.Meredith who attended
the 1914 F.A CUP FINAL
between Liverpool and Burnley
at Crystal Palace
His story
is better than any film
He was born blind
but he could still attend
the match and understand
by the sound the player                                                                                                          
had the ball
The story worthy of any
GREATEST TALES or teaching or just
Touching and warm
his story
Nice and great
HUMAN and spiritual
Human and poetic

If everyone could
close their eyes and
recognize by the ball sound
how the match develops
If this would be by watching
the match on TV
The speaker would lose
his job for us
But without any
thinking about”what would be”
I conclude that the 1914 story about
Mister Meredith is
priceless, invaluable, genial
and is a story about the World’s
best ever football fan


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Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/page/2/