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Colin Bell – 1946-2021

I still have my copy of “Colin Bell”
Reluctant hero on the field of play
Kept safe in my cellar in hope
The legend would sign it one day

Malcom Allison once spoke
Signing City’s midfield kingpin
Nabbed him for a pittance
“An unbelievable bargain”

There’s a League Cup trophy
Helped City go up
Three times top scorer
And the Cup Winners Cup

England caps, the title, FA Cup
A titan with boundless energy
Maestro, king of the Kippax
We pay homage to Nijinsky

05 12 20

© emdad rahman

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Saints topple the champs

Southampton 1-0 Liverpool

It’s been over five hours
Saints failed to hit the board
With his old club in town
That man Ings just scored

Not a shot on target
Surely it would get better
But the Saints rearguard
Followed it to the letter

In the South Coast
We failed to get to grips
With three points dropped
Our rivals lick their lips

04 12 20

© emdad rahman

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He’s got a Pineapple on his Head

In the Forties and Fifties footballers
looked like the thousands who watched
from the terraces. Short back and sides;
and Billy had a quiff.

In the Sixties and Seventies styles changed,
players set trends and the crowd followed,
to the barbers for the latest trim;
and something for the weekend.

Georgie had a Beatle cut,
Bobbie had a comb-over,
Kevin had a perm.
Everyone’s hair grew longer.

In the Eighties Chris sported that mullet,
the Nineties saw the Mohican, World Cup
Romanians went peroxide, and Jason
had a pineapple on his head.

Since the Noughties football wages
have soared. Premier League millionaires
enjoy lifestyles far distant from fans,
boast hairdos to match.

Colours, styles, shapes and lines
that even those sat in corporate boxes
struggle to copy because of maintenance
costs or dress codes.

Now Gareth has a man bun,
Sadio has dyed lines,
Ayoze has a pompadour.
But anyone can taper, fade.

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Geordies call the Toon

Newcastle 0-0 Liverpool

Steve Bruce’s Newcastle
Hold the fort without fear
During the the final game
Of this very strange year

Yet that was the first half
Thiago and Trent combine
Mane’s scrambled effort
Is cleared off the line

Alisson denies Clark
Newcastle remained stable
With Spurs game postponed
We still lead the table

30 12 20

© emdad rahman

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Son of Sams hold the Reds

Liverpool 1-1 West Brom

There’s a few At the Hawthorns
Who’d still rather have Bilic
Free flowing football
Gracing their home pitch

Joel Matip’s long ball
Mane gave it a shake
Firing past Sam Johnstone
But the Baggies wouldn’t break

Ajayi with that late header
Quietened the Red roar
Silence envelopes Anfield
West Brom good for the draw

27 12 20

© emdad rahman

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Neville Southall – Man of the people!

He’s there for one and all
Those sad and sorry rejoice
Quite a splendid human being
Very much the people’s voice

Me and Stu talk 80’s keepers
The best who’ve handled the ball
We both agree on one thing
Neville Southall the greatest of all

Bats, Jennings, Grobbelaar
Pfaff, Ravelli, Zubizarreta
Dasayev, Shilton, Schumacher
N’Kono, Van Bruekelen, Zenga

© emdad rahman

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Pandemonium at the Palace

Crystal Palace 0-7 Liverpool

It’s gone and happened again
Seven goals twice this year
This time Liverpool dish it out
To cruise five points clear

Bobby and Mohamed Salah
Both netting home twice
It’s sheer chaos at the Palace
The Red frontline concise

Minamino got the massacre rolling
Mane on the turn scores again
This is a Red rage bloodbath
Henderson adds to Roy’s pain

© emdad rahman

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Diego Maradona

The best and worst that a man could be
A champ, a cheat, a deity
He walked the Earth like you and me
Diego Maradona

He eased past defenders like they weren’t there
The barrel-chested footballer
At 15 the family breadwinner
Diego Maradona

In football’s clamour he found his peace
The first name on every club’s teamsheet
You could trust him – with a football at his feet
Diego Maradona

He’s the immortal that every footballer met
He may be the greatest player seen just yet
Who put the ball in the England net?
Diego Maradona

Pele was the heart of a beautiful team
But Maradona, he was the dream
He was all muscle and grace, or so it seemed
Diego Maradona

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Firmino seals it late!

Liverpool 2-1 Tottenham

Salah off Alderweireld
Top spot is at stake
Son returns the favour
It’s one one at the break

Spurs could have nicked it
Bergwijn misses a double
Had it been Son or Kane
It could’ve spelt real trouble

It’s all defence for Mourinho
All out attack for Klopp
Spurs expertly close shop
But Firmino takes us top

16 12 20

© emdad rahman

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La Seine
3 Rivers
River Mersey

From my French

Big gentleman
passed away

La France est en deuil

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Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/page/2/