Playing Home Games Away

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 First game of a new season
always a fans delight,
make plans for the Saturday
excited on the Friday night.
Meet mates in the boozer
before going to the ground,
talk football between drinks
“don’t forget it’s your round.”
‘Reckon we’ll have a good campaign
and see us near to the top,
‘nah, we’re going to struggle
think we are going to drop. ‘
So we all head off to the match
it feels good to be back,
even though your team are rubbish
and hardly go on the attack.
But remember it’s a marathon
and not just a short sprint,
a season is a long one
which can leave you totally skint.
So you may lose your first fixture
leaving you a little bit glum,
but at least you’re not Coventry City
who will be playing “home” games away in Brum !



My team are out of the Ricoh again. We played in Northampton for awhile, went back, now we are off again this time to play at St Andrews in Birmingham. As the saying goes : you couldn’t make it up.
I won’t be going, but whoever goes it’s their choice. The woes of being a Sky Blues fan.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/playing-home-games-away/