1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Where have you gone boys?
Don’t worry. We won’t be long.
Back by Christmas!
Oh, if only…
Never to come back at all.
Forever Dulwich
In a field
In Belgium or France
Our own players
Who never stood a chance.
A ‘hero’ to all
Name engraved
On the Club Memorial
Hanging on the Boardroom wall.
What a way to die
Enough to make me cry…
Never mind you
Suffering your ‘glorious’ death.
Was your last thought and breath
On that foreign field
That shall forever be England
Before you were forever still
One of the ankle deep mud
Of OUR Champion Hill?
Can you imagine
Now being then
Cheering and waving farewell
Off to the battles of hell
To Xavier, Abdul, Billy Crook
From our First Team being took
Instead of coming off our substitute’s bench
Being sent to die over the top of a trench?
Winning the title
At the end of last season
We called you our heroes for a reason.
Poppies are not just for wearing with pride
They are how I remember
The players who never returned
To the Hamlet side.
Blown to smithereens
In foreign mud and dirt
Never to be seen again
In the Pink and Blue shirt.



(Today Dulwich Hamlet are away to Bognor Regis town. Before the team coach & the Supporters coach left the ground at 10.30am there was a wreath laying ceremony at the Club War Memorial in the Boardroom at ten o’clock. I could not be there as I was working. This is my tribute)

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/remembering-3/