Romeo, Romeo

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 O Beckhamo, Beckhamo, wherefore art thou Beckhamo?
You roam, along the periphery of the action
Thrusting, with deep, meaningful, deliveries
Yet you crave a central berth, Canal Plus and all the other tv stations
Monitor your every breaching
Fans push and shove, there’s so much screeching
You want to be involved in every move, to be there at it’s inception, to be it’s creator
The core of the team, to Keano’s volcano, and Fergie’s equator
You cover so much ground, all across the land
And, possibly influenced by your new team mate, young Mr Ferdinand
(Not necessarily because he’s imperious, cultured and quick)
Can we expect to see you trying, to score a personal hat-trick
And get your conceptual thrill
At a future Carnival in Brazil?



Congratulations to David and Victoria, on the birth of Romeo Beckham.
So much speculation today on the origins of this name : surely it’s a case of ….
When in Rome ….

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/romeo-romeo/