“Same Old, Same Old…” (3 of 3)

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The Hamburg Cup was almost ours
The Altona ‘Class of 2016’
Would go down in folklore as stars.
But then Norderstedt had that last chance
Found the back of the net
Deep down I knew it was over
Even though there was extra-time yet.
What is it about football
Whatever team I support
Whether it’s my Dulwich Hamlet or Altona
We always fall just short.
There always has to be a loser
But why does it always have to be me
Is it too much to actually win something
My all too often in vain plea.
Desperate for that moment of glory
As the years tick on by
All I seem to be rewarded with is
Punched in the stomach defeats & a sneaky cry.
I live by that profit-of-doom mantra
It’s the hope I can’t stand
Teasing me with success
Should really be banned.
Whether it’s Germany or Dulwich
I’ll just man up and pull through
Expecting the same old pain next season
Because that’s what fans like me do.



(In the Hamburg Cup Final my team, Altona 93, were leading…but conceded the equaliser just before full-time. We went on to lose four one, after extra time.) [I wrote this a few hours later, sat outside the Altona clubhouse]

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/same-old-same-old-3-of-3/