STUFFED………Just accept it.

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Yes we had a bad result
But I don’t wish to apportion blame
I know the referee had a stinker
And I am sure he’ll say the same.
How did he miss that handball
That led to their Seventh goal
It’s high time he was demoted
He’s got eyesight like a mole.
We were just beginning to get on top
Then against the run of play
They broke away and scored a Sixth
After we gave a silly ball away.
It is a blow to be out of Europe
But we shall be back again next year
That’s if UEFA don’t kick us out
After what went on out there.
But I swear I missed the incident
With the assistant from Boulogne
But my captain denies allegations
That he kneed him in the groin.
Like I said at the post match conference
A false score line on the night
Nine nil sounds like a thrashing
But that ref got nothing right.



A report in my local paper from a non league fixture quoted the manager of the team on the wrong side of a Seven-Two defeat saying tounge in cheek I hope that ‘WE SHARED NINE GOALS IN A TOPSY TURVEY GAME’.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/stuffed-just-accept-it/