sunday sunday

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head ache breakfast feeling fine
check your kit bag what’s in it
head off down to local pitch
banter banter last nights news
stretching retching bodies abused
manager says whose playing today
happily included you’re o.k.
put on your shorts shirt and socks
the ready rubs to ease the knocks
trot on out wind rain or snow
limber up ready go
eagerly you join the fray
hoping for a win today
running jumping kicking calling
heading chesting sliding falling
suddenly halftimes here
managers ready to bend your ear
tactics sorted you know the score
drink of juice it..s back to war
muscles aching legs feel used
keep on going dare not lose
not long left times running out
see an opening give a shout
find the ball at your feet
look up hit it sweet
it…s goalward bound you say a prayer
as the keeper dives in despair
team mates and you jump for joy
pat your back what a boy
frantic moments holding on
ref he blows game is won
on to the changing rooms full of cheer
on to the pub and full of beer
you may not see it on the telly
but each sunday side
has it’s PELE.



No capitals no stops! it..s sunday init. D.
Editor Note- there is a great live version of this on Dennis’ MySpace site at
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Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/sunday-sunday/?shared=email&msg=fail