The Crowd Cried Out For Less…

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agents conniving
media hype
chants that are ripe
pedantic referees
half time cheerleader cheese
fans who constantly moan
please just stay at home
ticket price rises
transfer surprises
nil-nil draws
new offside laws
pundits on panels
football-free channels
tat in club shops
managers getting the chop
corporate seating
boot peg heating
it is said ‘less is more’
not true at the Premier league store
too much is never enough
if you don’t like it, that’s tough



At the start of another season, I considered my international retirement from football poetry, having realised 299 contributions is more than enough for weary readers. Time to quell the doggerel, the cliches and the puns…

But then (being selfish) I thought…life without Football Poets would be like Saturdays without a game and I just couldn’t do it…and there was no chance of Steve McLaren asking me to reconsider…so sorry guys, I’ve renewed my seat for this season…

Thank you to The Editors who give up their time for the benefit of contributors and readers alike

Editor’s reply …

Thanks for the vote of confidence. Glad you’re not a Carlisle director! (Manager sacked today after one game – a draw!)

Glad to see you’ll still be contributing with your golden nuggets SB.

Anyway, Football Poets – like cowboys – don’t retire – they just ride off into the sonnet

sorry! Clik ūüėČ

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