The Debutante

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Hard to believe 5 years have passed I really must profess
Since into our portmanteau came a beautiful princess
It’s no surprise she’s ruled the roost since her very inception
She never fails to flabbergast with her astute perceptions
September she’ll be starting school, no ounce of trepidation
But now I feel the time is right for a different education
Tricky dilemma faces me, what game for to anoint her
Big game against a Dublin club or a trouble-free 3 pointer?
I’m sure that she’ll be breaking hearts, somewhere down the line
Payback for Cork City and the damage done to mine
She has the jerseys, t-shirts, scarves, all bar the kitchen sink
Just wishes everything she has, contained the colour pink
I hope she’ll stay for skills and goals similar to on the telly
Or at least until the sweets and crisps are safely in her belly.
Maybe the “big match atmosphere” sees her hooked for good
Or else she’ll utter “Daddy, here’s the trees and there’s the wood”

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 I’ve decided that the first real match should be significant
I chose the Ramblers game although details to her were scant
That Friday night it came round fast, the debut now in sight
City scarf placed around her neck, a fated passage rite
Before the game she said to me munchies would be required
Some OJ, skips, a chomp, maltesers were duly acquired
Up the Curragh road we walked, she savoured every second
Passed the chip vans, in the gate, The Holy Grail now beckoned
The promised face paint and balloons, didn’t quite materialize
As we took our seats in the St Annes, “City!” was the reprise
O’Flynns sublimity was missed, she was goody bag ensconced
Goals two then three then four were met with further nonchalance
She had told her dad before the game that City would score four
Twenty to go, fatigue had won but she knew she knew the score
She asked me when’s the next game. Could she go to that one too?
Princess transformed to good luck charm, a sensational debut



My heart swelled with pride as my little girl made her Cork City debut last week, what better game than a local derby with Ramblers, she left tired but happy after 70 minutes having corrrectly predicted a 4-0 win for City, we eventually won 5-0 but I hadn’t the heart to tell her.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/the-debutante/