The Football Pitch

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 I’m out all day and night
battered by sun,wind,and rain,
yet even though I’m weather beaten
I’m always ready for the new campaign.
I’ve had humans run all over me
so I must have a masochistic streak,
but as I’m tough,rugged and hardy
I’m ready for action every week.
Yet I never ever make a fuss
from me you’ll not hear a sound,
I’m just happy to do my job
for all the fans in the ground.
Yes, I am a football pitch
and at times life can be tough,
but as long as I’m looked after
I’ll try hard to not cut up rough.
But please don’t blame me
if my surface is void of grass,
it’s not my fault I’m deemed unsafe
as players can’t shoot,cross,or pass.
I heard I’ll now need relaying
and for me my time is up,
as they’ll be playing instead at Burton
against Bristol City in the Carabao Cup.
But that’s life for us football pitches
you can be replaced win,draw,or lose,
but I leave with no hard feelings
and I’ll always follow the Sky Blues !



Our pitch at the CBS Arena after an inspection was found to be in such a state and unplayable, that our first home game v Rotherham was called off.
They’ve had the rugby sevens at the Commonwealth Games played on it as well as a rock concert so it was cut up rough.
Hopefully it will be ready shortly for home games ?
As a Coventry City supporter I’m used to set backs,it never runs smoothly. But this club I follow does get you down at times. But once a fan always a fan. You need a sense of humour !

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/the-football-pitch-2/