These Days……..Those Days.

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These Days……When football is not quite the same
When football is much more than a game
When football is not all that they claim……These Days.
Those Days……Before diamond formations, Before eight at the back
Before every other manager was facing the sack
And the man in the middle was dressed all in black……Those Days.
These Days……When going to a game is an expensive day out
And boring football we can all do without
With at least Thirty staff members in every dugout……These Days
Those Days……Of open terraces where we sang in the rain
At St James’ Park, or Highbury, and down at The Lane
And long before agents, now a blight on the game……Those Days.
These Days……When signing new contracts matters no more
Escape clauses inserted if your out of top four
It’s medals not money…what do they take us for……These Days.
Those Days……When only goalies wore gloves and not a tattoo in sight
The ‘Football Pink’ was a paper we bought on a Saturday night
Newcastle United won the Fairs cup….and our future looked bright……Those Days.



As you will probably gather I am no big fan of the modern game, maybe I’m old fashioned and more than a bit nostalgic but I live in hope for change. It will be 48 years in May 2017 since my beloved Black n Whites last lifted silverware so my dreams of a bright future are yet to be fulfilled up at SJP, and I cry buckets when I see youngsters bemoan the fact that they have not seen Arsenal win the P.Lg, don’t worry your day will come, but mine alas will not.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/these-days-those-days/