Twilight of the Gods

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 The evening sky behind the stand
Exploded into light.
The setting sun worked swiftly and
Composed a wondrous sight.
Mottled pink-flamingo braids,
Contrasted with pale blue,
While vivid rose and salmon shades
Were all laid out on view.
A hint of grey, a touch of beige
Completed the parade.
It was a most imposing stage
For football to be played.
And Bobby Ryan got the ball
And slipped it through to Jay,
Who chipped it on at Richie’s call
To keep alive the play.
And Richie’s volley burst the net,
A quite majestic score.
The New Stand, black in silhouette,
Exploded in a roar.
And up above, Apollo’s brush
Erased the glowing paint,
The colours which had once seemed plush
Grew timorous and faint.
And in a bubbling Tolka Park,
All hope was lost for Bray,
As sure as light is turned to dark,
And nighttime follows day.


Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/twilight-of-the-gods/