Virtual Striking

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 You don’t have to be a post-modernist to see
That a virtual strike on TV
Is the ultimate service sector signifier
Of the demise of a manufacturing hire and fire
Traditional blue collar working class –
How Hard Times change into Modern Times,
Plus ca loose change, comrade?
A strike takes place today,
Only if the television cameras are present,
A star withdraws its labour from the firmament,
Only when the Sky is clearly to be seen –
Virtual Striking!
Meanwhile, on terra firma,
The mundane run of the mill low paid struggles
Are ignored by the right of centre media,
Unless the editor wants a scapegoat –
Real Striking!
But Beckamite millionaires
Are Billy Meredith’s sons and heirs,
And just as the lion shall lie down with the lamb,
So the brazier shall lie down with the Porsche,
And who knows what solidarity might grow from that?
Imagine a football league based upon the principled
“From each according to his abilities,
To each according to his needs”.



Will they, won’t they?

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/virtual-striking/