Waiting for Roy of The Rovers

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 I could not sleep I could not think
I could not eat I could not drink
the sheer suspense was hard to bear
until the morning you were there
I’d check the radio and clocks
I’d sit beside my letterbox
and when I was a little boy
I always waited there for Roy
the greatest team on paper yes
for fifty years you were the best
you had adventures everywhere
and always kept that same blonde hair
the bubbles coming from the crowd
that screamed your name and ‘goal!’ out loud
your classic red and yellow kit
you never seemed to age a bit
and must have scored a thousand goals
but never ever did get old
you were the Beckham of the time
the archetypal number nine
and you survived those kidnap threats
and dodgy bandits placing bets
and bombs inside the football ground
so how come now you’re not around?
where have you gone my oldest friend
and will you never play again?
you could have graced the finest side
the day you lost your foot I cried
you got me through my days at school
by always staying very cool
so many times you saved the day
with your old club-mate ‘Blackie’ Gray
for five decades we sang your tune
although you were just some cartoon
but when I was a little boy
I always waited there for Roy



Wrote this a long whole back but never got round to adding it to the site until today. The suspence of hanging on for the arrival of this magic comic for unfinished cup-tie stories .Patiently waiting, week on week to see if Melchester Rovers would win in the last minute .” GOAL !!!!! ” (Did anyone ever really shout Goal!)
(Taken from INNER GOAL
the poetry of football.. a journey in rhyme)
Pubished by Football Poets Books

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/waiting-for-roy-of-the-rovers-2/