Why I was late for maths

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Me and Maynard and Mossy and James,
were playing one of our football games.
Lots of banter and a massive din,
teachers think this is a sin.
We was out on the field in the mud and the rain,
most people were indoors and thought we were insane.
Maynard, he thinks that his number’s 11,
but I denied him with style as in Banks ’67.
Trouble is that Mossy, who’s a good number 3,
had to then go and get the ball out of the tree.
Now Maynard’s shot had packed some punch,
and it was nearly the end of our break for lunch,
but the ball just wasn’t coming down,
despite James throwing things at it like a clown,
and Maynard did get quite distraught,
about the ball he said I should have caught.
The bell went and the ball was still up the tree,
It was stuck. and so were we.
Our attempts were futile as the doom,
so off went Mossy to get a broom,
and with the broom like a long wooden arm,
I managed to rescue the ball from harm.
When the ball eventually hit the ground,
there was nobody around,
and my teacher was irate,
because we were so very late.
I was muddied and late and wet,
as well as the homework I did forget,
and my teacher did not understand,
that football dosen’t always go as planned.


Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/why-i-was-late-for-maths/