Wimbledon: Betrayal and a New Start

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 This was a team that once gave us all hope
Lived everyone’s dreams and caused giants to fall
Ironic, perhaps, when they stood for these things
That now their betrayal’s the greatest of all.
They were fresh air when the game fought to breathe
With the Premiership bright, new and so money-driven
The fans stayed loyal when the story turned sour
But the board’s latest actions cannot be forgiven.
They wanted their own ground – all else was forgotten
In the owneres’ rush to get their own way
And the FA – which acts “for the good of the game”
Said: “Sure, you can move 60 miles away.
So, Wimbledon head to Milton Keynes
The FA, it seems, has a lot left to learn
They let a club turn its back on supporters
Football fans will unite, do the same in return.
So no-one will watch this empty club
It sold its soul and fed its fans lies
The old supporters will move on; they have to
And out of the ashes a new team will rise.
This new club is formed by the fans who were cheated
It shows how the world’s love of football first grew
It’s sold five times more tickets than “MK” have managed
It’s told men in suits what the fans always knew….
You can’t drag a football club out of its home town
The MK Dons will be nobody’s team
The side they once were found a place in our hearts
Now AFC Wimbledon take up the dream.



I’m not a Wimbledon supporter, but I should think every football fan is disgusted by the appalling decision to move them to Milton Keynes. Equally I think a lot of people will be looking out for the results of the team that replaces them, playing in the Combined Counties League. Come on AFC Wimbledon!
(I know there are some terrible lines in this poem, but I think I’ve made my point.)

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/wimbledon-betrayal-and-a-new-start/