“With The Juniors”

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 It’s been such a long time since I’ve done this
Had forgotten it was so much fun
Feeling that warmth from within
Standing under the cold Spring sun.
Watching Dulwich Hamlet Juniors
Boys who are only eleven
Little heroes in Pink & Blue
Scoring no less than seven.
The keeper Tom watches our First Team
One of our Champion Hill terrace tribe
Alas he concedes a late one
Missing out on his ‘clean sheet’ bribe.
For if he keeps out the opposition
His dad buys him a burger for his belly
Which is why he tries to perform
As if he’s a pro on the telly!
Once the final whistle blew
I was staying for the next game
Turned out another splendid three points
Though not quite the same.
This was Under Twelves one year older
And stronger to the ball
More aware of the game
Listening to the manager’s call.
Another Hamlet victory
Close at one goal to nil
I was absolutely buzzing
Not even feeling the chill.
As an ‘added bonus’
One of their dads threw
His toys out of the proverbial pram
Slagging off the Dulwich mums
Who didn’t give a damn.
He was a big bully
Oh so brave and tough
But our mums’ stood their ground
They had had enough!
Giving back as good as they got
Everyone started to shout
Then his boy got subbed as they were losing
And from the ground he slunk out!
So it was the moral victory for us
All those kids gave me so much joy
Proud to support Dulwich Hamlet
Over forty years man and boy.



(Yesterday it was a nice morning, the Youth Team never had a game, so I wandered a mile from home to watch one of our young fans play in goal for the Dulwich Hamlet Junior Football Club Under Elevens. I stayed for the Under 12’s match after. Under 11’s 7, Russellers 1; Under 12’s 1, Phoenix Sports 0.)

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/with-the-juniors/