Holocaust Day+ Atmosphere Poems & Site Future


The 4th week of January sees the commemoration of Holocaust Day. Please visit I Respect
and scroll down home page for writing frames about this topic for schools – and for further information on this day. Please also visit Holocaust Day
for poems written in the past, linking football and the Holocaust .It’s not an easy thing to do, but it would be good if anyone can give this as serious try again, this year. This year’s theme for Holocaust Day is….. “Imagine…remember, reflect, react.”
With many thanks, Stuart.
PS Sorry I’ve written so little recently; I’m afraid the muse is still near a railway line and an allotment – but I’m going to watch Swindon and Forest next week, so that might help eventually move the muse down the line. Stu.

In response :
What is it about football? Pogue Mahone
Lest we ever forget Kevin Raymond

And from the archives :
They Played Football at Auschwitz on Sundays Peter Goulding
Holocaust Day Clik the mouse
Holocaust Memorial Day – gassed Stuart Butler
Holocaust Memorial Day1 Stuart Butler
The Banality of Evil Stuart Butler
The Disabled and the Holocaust Stuart Butler
Porrajimos – the Great Devouring Stuart Butler
One in Ten Stuart Butler
Football and the Holocaust Stuart Butler


Well – we’re still here, un-funded, un-changed and still without our founding webmaster Dave and limited to editorial input only. The up side is we are now 10,000+ poems strong and recognized as the largest free football poetry website in the world! Maybe this year it will happen. The long-overdue overhaul, and changes we long for . So If YOU have the skills to create from scratch, a viable, exciting, innovative and accessible new site – please get in touch. Also if you just have ideas again, let us know .We haven’t asked in a long while. Please E-MAIL US (or in Submit Poem) .Crispin


Meantime it’s that old chesnut ATMOPHERE that’s getting you writing . The ‘don’t stand – shut up – sit down’ issue plus the FA Cup or the Big 4 Cup. Is one bovvered? More please..Crispin


09 Jan Is this the way it’s going? Clik the mouse
07 Jan Standing room only? mark merriman
07 Jan Quiet Please S B Ingle
04 Jan One Sits, One StandsJohn Cox
04 Jan It’s All Gone Quiet in the Kop Pogue Mahone
04 Jan Silence In The Stretford End?
kevin raymond

01 Jan What More Do They Want?
kevin raymond

26 Jan Where’s your famous atmosphere ?
John Oliver
26 Jan Nuffink Like An Atmosphere! kevin raymond
23 Jan Fifteen Euros Denys E. W. Jones
19 Jan Can’t Buy An Atmosphere Crispin Thomas

08 Jan Time Travel John Oliver
07 Jan It’s The Roon and Ron Show Tony Lewis-Jones
07 Jan Hats off To Luton Crispin Thomas

06 Jan That Was Then Simon Parr
06 Jan The Big 4 CupCrispin Thomas
06 Jan The Magic of the Cup? Pogue

06 Jan What Magic of The Cup? Peter

02 Jan Pray Tell Me, Will We Win The Cup?
kevin raymond
10 Oct Everyone Used To Be Up For The Cup Simon Parr
07 Jan Hull City v Boro – FA Cup 07 George Kirby
07 Jan Tamworth v Norwich – FA Cup Third Round S B Ingle
06 Jan This Is The FA Cup Crispin Thomas
06 Jan Still That Old Cup Cliché Magic Crispin Thomas
2006 & Pre-2006 FA Cup Poems
The FAmous Cup Mark Thomas
The Quest Goes On John Oliver
Still Up For The Cup Crispin Thomas
FA Cup 3rd Round 2006 Clik The Mouse
And So The FA Cup Resumes Peter Goulding
The Trains Are On Time On Cup Final Day Stuart Butler
The Glamour Of The Cup Kevin Raymond
Leave The FA Cup Alone Paul Collins
The FA Cup The Hard Way Nikki Young
The Cup RIP Andy Lockett
I Died A Thousand Deaths Christopher T George
Cup Tie SB Ingle

Source: http://footballpoets.org/news/2008/01/18/holocaust-day-atmosphere-poems-site-future/