Your Team In November Poems

Your November poetical offerings on …..
Alex Ferguson, Becksgate, Brigg Town, Chelsea, Cork City, Coventry City, Doncaster Rovers, Estonia, L.A. Galaxy, Liverpool,
Manchester City, Manchester United, Middlesborough, Newcastle United, Norwich City, Republic of Ireland, Rochdale, Seppgate, Southampton, Swansea, Tottenham Hotspur, Watford, West Ham United, Wigan & Wolverhampton Wanderers.

30 Nov ABC message to AVB Crispin Thomas
29 Nov Singing the Blues – Chelsea 0-2 Liverpool Emdad Rahman
25 Nov Losing my marbles kevin halls
24 Nov KSBD B. Hind
27 Nov Red storm, Sky Blue Emdad Rahman
23 Nov The Slope Tim Harris
22 Nov Were We Really That Bad? kevin raymond
21 Nov The long suffering supporter kevin halls
21 Nov The 5 year Contract – A Dream Come True tri tran
20 Nov Glen Johnson’s return Emdad Rahman
20 Nov Paper planes Peter Goulding
18 Nov Come Down From The Mountain. Mr Blatter kevin raymond
18 Nov ‘I Am’ Poem Khadim Hussain
18 Nov Sepp Blatter–Acrostic Khadim Hussain
16 Nov Away fans have all the fun kevin halls
14 Nov Thou Shalt Not Back Pass S B Ingle
12 Nov The name stays the same John Oliver
11 Nov St. James’ Park Khadim Hussain
10 Nov Sacrilege Pure and Simple kevin raymond
09 Nov In Estonia Peter Goulding
07 Nov What makes a proper Football fan? kevin halls
07 Nov November the 5th-Newcastle 3rd John Oliver
07 Nov Gobstopper jim dolbear
07 Nov You reap what you sow Darren O’Keeffe
07 Nov Silver jubilee Sir Alex Ferguson Emdad Rahman
06 Nov Remember Khadim Hussain
06 Nov Goals May Have Dried Up Khadim Hussain
06 Nov They Stole Christmas! S B Ingle
05 Nov Fireworks from the Flying Dutchman Emdad Rahman
03 Nov One For Sorrow. Part Seven jim dolbear
03 Nov I want to be as chirpy as a Canary kevin halls
03 Nov When Two Tribes Go To Score – Relax! S B Ingle
02 Nov My club is making me ill kevin halls
02 Nov Canaries Win Premier League S B Ingle
02 Nov That’s for you, son Daniel Nice

Source: http://footballpoets.org/news/2011/11/30/your-team-in-november-poems/