Losing my marbles

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Starting to get really worried
fingernails getting badly chewed
feel moody and bad tempered
using language considered rude.
Not sleeping well at night
bad dreams keeping me awake
feel like a Zombie in the day
how much more can I take ?
Gone off my food as well
smoking and drinking instead
my body aches all of the time
a constant pain in my head.
The reason I’m in this sorry state ?
and why I feel I’m going mad ?
it’s because my team are at the bottom
with performances that are bad.
So if you see a Coventry City fan
looking like he’s not all there
that’ll be me at the end of this season
with a long grey beard and white hair !



A bit over the top maybe but if we don’t start winning some games it looks like relegation for us this campaign.
We aren’t playing too bad recently but trouble behind the scenes and talk of administration hasn’t helped things.
Health warnings should be given to young kids thinking of following football because it can be a very hard life at times !

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/losing-my-marbles/