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28 Apr “Job Done” Dulwich Poet

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April name- checks for Arsenal, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Chelsea, Coventry City, Dulwich Hamlet, Fulham, Hull City, Middlesborough, Man City, Man U, Old Hamptonians, Old Meadonians, Peterborough, Rubin Kazan, Southampton ,St.Andrews United, Staines Town Reserves, Suarez/Bitegate, Swindon Town, Tottenham, Walsall,Walton Casuals, West Ham U.

28 Apr “Too Old!” Dulwich Poet
28 Apr “Job Done” Dulwich Poet
28 Apr “Today” Dulwich Poet
28 Apr “Butterflies” Dulwich Poet
28 Apr End of season Haiku kevin halls
25 Apr The Times They Are A Changing!
kevin raymond
25 Apr Run on with St Andrews United Robbie Kennedy Bennett
24 Apr Clever Jupp (Stuff) Or What? kevin raymond
24 Apr Did We Really Just Witness That?!?
Clik the mouse
22 Apr Fancy a bite to eat ? kevin halls
22 Apr Liverpool 2-2 Chelsea (bitegate)
Borat Skorbard
21 Apr Booze Bus Dulwich Poet
21 Apr Arsenal v West Ham non humphries
21 Apr Suarez non humphries
21 Apr Not enough cash for the Boro clash Dennis Swift
20 Apr Antoine Van der Linden Syndromemark merriman
19 Apr Fulham 0-3 Chelsea Borat Skorbard
18 Apr “On The Buses” Dulwich Poet
16 Apr Chelsea 1-2 Man City Borat Skorbard
15 Apr Premiership Pipe Dream mark merriman
15 Apr Tottenham Hotspur’s Poetic Back Four Tony Kinsella
15 Apr Close Dulwich Poet
14 Apr “Times Are A Changin’ ” Dulwich Poet
12 Apr Selling Your Soul Dulwich Poet
12 Apr Perfect night Out Dulwich Poet
12 Apr Rubin Kazan 3-2 Chelsea Borat Skorbard
11 Apr Your Pinnacle Dulwich Poet
11 Apr Magic of the Cup Dulwich Poet
09 Apr Chelsea 2-1 Sunderland Borat Skorbard
08 Apr Hull City Haiku Khadim Hussain
05 Apr The Mask kevin raymond
05 Apr Chelsea 3-1 Rubin Kazan Borat Skorbard
04 Apr Praying for my club kevin halls
04 Apr Boro Vs Peterborough Haiku
Khadim Hussain
03 Apr A Moot Point? kevin raymond
03 Apr Chelsea 1-0 Man Utd Borat Skorbard
03 Apr Soton 2-1 Chelsea Borat Skorbard
01 Apr Boro Till Death Khadim Hussain

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