“A Century On”

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 It was one hundred years ago today
So began the war to end all wars.
If you’re one who looks back in horror & disgust
Please take a moment to pause.
It was lions led by donkeys
Who perished in many a foreign field
Working class from Camberwell
Next to Dulwich Village well heeled.
The bullets were indescriminate
Mowing down a generation
Our young men doing the ‘right thing’
To defend our nation.
It was almost the start of the season
Our boys polishing up their boots
Some never to wear Pink & Blue again
Perishing in their khaki suits.
Hanging in our boardroom
Is the memorial to those who died
A tribute from founder ‘Pa’ Wilson
Recalling his lads with pride.
Each and every one of them
Indeed his pride and joy
Loved them all as if his own
Football sons- man and boy.
Looking back it seems barbaric
Hindsight’s such an easy thing
But who could have envisaged
The horrors this war would bring?
Such footballing sacrifice
Over the top we go
“Forward The Hamlet!”
Innocent gung ho.
It should have been over by Christmas
In time to play Nunhead or Townley Park
Four years of sacrifice
Wasn’t such a lark.
We’ll never know how our players perished
In rat infested trenches and mud
Just hope they didn’t know what hit them
As they hit no-mans land with a thud.
Tomorrow we play our football ‘enemy’
Green pitch pre-season nice
As you get worked up hot under the collar
Remember those who paid the price.



(I got a text this morning, by one of my fellow webmasters, asking me to post something about the start of the First World War on the Club website. I’m not sure what he was looknig for, but this poem was the result. I’m not sure if publishing it on an official club website is the right place for it, but I did..The last line refers to our last pre-season friendly tomorrow, Dulwich Hamlet at home to our ‘arch rivals’ tooting & mitcham united.)

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/a-century-on/