Black And Blue!

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 As ‘les hommes Francais’ turned out in blue
For the first season way back
Things were looking good just then
Sound defence and good attack
We got it down and passed it
We changed our style of play
Though slightly inconsistent
The normal Chelsea way
We thought maybe the FA cup
Would be our saving grace
As up beat crowds sang out so loud
And so cheered up the place
Then all of sudden mayhem
Wimbledon at home
The ball came down with snow on
As elbows replaced skill
Nutting, spitting things obscene
Twas a wonder no one was killed
Fashanu the main culprit
For putting it about
As both Marcel and Francois
Nearly got knocked out
No chance of playing football
Thats not why they came
To hurt maim and damage
Twas not a beautiful game!!!



This was barbaric and one of the most distressing games I’ve ever seen as the Dons hit West London like a hurricane and just bulldozed all that was in the way! I can’t recall the score but do recall Le Bouef and Desailly just looking at each other as if to say what is going on here are these people just animals? They got that right! Both were taken off with serious headwounds and a couple of times our players were knocked spark out, don’t mention the……..referee!



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/black-and-blue-2/