Crossing the Threshold of Hope as we take to the pitch

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“Be not afraid,”
the current Pope said in his book Crossing the Threshold of Hope.

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We should not fear the truth about ourselves.”

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That we haven’t trained hard enough.
That we don’t think we’re good enough.
That we’re not right mentally.
That we’re out of condition.
That we’re unprepared.
That we don’t have the right tactics.
That we’re carrying too many injuries.
That we’re too inexperienced.
That class will out.
That no one believes.

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That this is football.
That anything can happen.
That David can slay Goliath.
That on the day –
God might just smile down on us sinners.



Inspired by reading Andrew Sullivan’s web blog.
Fascinating insights into politics and religion.

And with due deference to His Holiness, Pope John Paul II,
for using his spiritual words as an inspiration
for a wholly secular pastiche.

And subliminally, Parry Maguire’s wonderful works, notably ‘Miracles at Anfield’ fresh in my mind.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/crossing-the-threshold-of-hope-as-we-take-to-the-pitch/