Cynical Approach.

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From London’s gentrified East-end
He entered the fray from the bench
Stuck a swift deuce away
Straight up saved the day
Cynics amongst us enthused,
(Me included to boot)
Bout resurgent French striker Giroud,
“Still, at least he ain’t playing, scoring for them*
Mind you…if he’s half as good as Cashley he’ll do”!*

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*Them. Not the group from Northern Ireland, but some mob from Northern London.
*Nick-name for Ashley Cole. We’re definitely warming to Olivier Giroud, here in South West London, but…obviously these little things take time.

Go well, be lucky and keep smiling.

Oh and remember; taint winning that counts, it’s winning.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/cynical-approach/