Fantasy Football – get in!

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Every year
I think that I’m José
that I’ll win it, at a canter
that I’ll be all fit to banter
whilst looking down at the rabble
that I’ll have my feet up, playing Scrabble
whilst others scratch their heads
suffer in their beds
as their dreams are shattered
and their hopes, scattered
while I
purr at the top of the table
scripting a Magnus Opus of fantasy fable –
but of course
reality bites
and bites as early, as a Barton bump
and I crash to earth, with a thump
but I still check-in weekly
and grudgingly accept (meekly)
that José et al
are safe (for now)
‘cos Holy Cow
one year, I’m going to crack it!
Right now, I’m more Kenny Jackett
but I study Long into the night
(now there’s a team name)
it’s just a shame
that the study brings no reward
but as a hobby untoward
it does for me!


Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/fantasy-football-get-in/