Hallucinations and beetroot faces

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“Back to life
Back to reality”

That’s what my bairns were singing all day
and Daddy happily chirruped the same tune
in excited anticipation
before heading off to play –
It’s a long time, from March to September
for ancient legs to be inactive
for limpid lungs, to be under used
for boyhood dreams, to be overlooked
for good intentions, to be so daily abused

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 And it’s funny how,
~ Pant, gasp ~
that ever rolling, spherical orb
~ Pant, gasp ~
just seems to grow legs, before my very eyes
~ Pant, gasp, wheeze ~
And I can’t blame the breeze
for this is indoor football, after all
~ Pant, gasp, wheeze, muscle spasm ~
And it’s funny how
there’s such a chasm
between believing you can still turn it on
and the reality, as you struggle to turn
with the ball intact
And funny how, infact
it keeps striding ahead, with it’s leprechaun legs
and the dregs
of energy
fritters away
as does the possession –
too easily
And you look around your team
and they’re all dying too
gasping for the air
that ceases to exist –
An oxygen debt
that’ll have Bono campaigning for us soon
And Bob Geldof
will be our patron Saint
as we drop our shoulders
and faint
instead of shimmy
But perhaps
I’ll give one more chase
~ Pant, gasp, wheeze, verge of collapse ~
And I swear
those little legs
on that furry ball
(remember, it’s indoors)
are growing longer
gaining pace
and if that’s a face
that I now see
well, then that’s a tongue poking out
blowing rasp-berry!



Hallucinations and beetroot faces all round!

For : Tony, Paul, Alan, Eamonn, Damian & Gary.

5-a-side with only 7, only partly explains the physical over-exertion.

An enforced summer break of March to September, with no fitness regime in between,
is a more plausible explanation!

And as we near the end of our all too short indoor season – it’s never got any easier.
(Probably due to the post match analysis involving too much of Arthur’s finest!)
(yes, I found a grubby bit of paper in the bowels of my sports bag, hence the delay in posting it up – hope you think it was worth it).

Opening song :
Back to life (however do you want me)
by Soul II Soul vs Caron Wheeler, from 1989.

PS – posted up on the very same day that it has been suggested that Bono could be nominated as the next leader of the World Bank!
7th March, 2005

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/hallucinations-and-beetroot-faces/